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What are Roman blinds?

Curtains add decoration to your homes; they are essentially made for homeowners for an added privacy while giving an aesthetically pleasing window treatment. With the new design and style of curtains nowadays, may it be pleated, long or short, or just the ordinary drape for your homes, others would want to find something that's more unique and new to set their curtains apart from any other usual home. Even though curtains may be artistic, but looking at the usual drape it displays, it can somehow get boring when time passes.

If you want your home windows to get away from their usual comfort zone, then you might want to consider having Roman blinds. Apart from the typical idea that Roman blinds are just made out of plastic or wood, now it can be achieved by using the right fabrics that are perfect for everyday use. It's just great how curtain styles and designs can still stay even after all these years.

Fabric Roman Blinds


Roman Blinds: A crash course

Roman blinds are an iconic dressing for windows that just stay flat when fully extended but form wonderful pleats when raised. In contrast with the usual curtains where you slide them side to side, Roman blinds are operated using vertical cords on each side, and when pulled down, they create a neatly tucked curtain perfect for contemporary and modern homes. 

The thin cords are threaded individually on the fabrics of the curtains that create pleats once pulled, making the blind industrious and ready to be re-adjusted depending on how much you want it to be. The exciting thing about Roman blinds is that the strings aren't visible, providing a minimal and neat look for your window treatments. Aside from this, Roman blinds are very much made from fabrics these days, and you can pick the style and fabric quality that you like to create a lovely space in any room!


What makes them so good?

Roman blinds are deemed quite expensive for most homeowners, but quality and usability-wise; getting a Roman blind might be perfect for your homes. For starters, they are meticulously made through a series of detailed and compound steps so it can be produced correctly. The blinds are labour extensive so they can offer you the protection and aesthetic more than any other window treatment out there.

One advantage of using Roman blinds is their timeless appeal. The classic and iconic design of Roman blinds is very much used and chosen by most homeowners, from the late 1800s up until today. The classic look does not go out of trend. 

Moreover, the neat and easy usage of Roman blinds may be an advantage to those who want to skip on long curtains that get dusty easily especially when they reach the floor. Roman blinds are light and flexible so you can have a seamless time covering and uncovering your windows. On sunny days, you can control the amount of light that's coming into your homes, and on gloomy days, you can let your curtains up to have that full view. It's somehow a necessity for those who want easy curtain access.

Besides, Roman blinds can also work with small windows. Perhaps you have a narrow window that does not fit if you put curtains on it. You might want to try Roman blinds for an added privacy even to your home's smallest windows. Roman blinds are designed flat so they could fit perfectly to any window size, unlike other curtains that need to be paired with bigger windows so it would not look awkward. 

Furthermore, Roman blinds work with all rooms in your house, may it be in living rooms, bedrooms, and even bathrooms! Roman blinds are tucked fit and well together so it would be perfect for anywhere in your house, including the ones that are usually wet. 


A customised look

One of the best things about getting a Roman blind is you can have them custom-made and personalised. You can also choose the curtain fabric for your Roman blinds, according to what you think fits best for your room. You can never go wrong with Roman blinds as they can blend with old vintage, casual, minimal, and modern interiors.


Best fabrics for Roman blinds

Some of the best fabrics for Roman blinds are cotton, polyester, linen, and rayon. The best fabrics are those that are woven thick so you can have a sturdy and well-tucked curtain for your interiors. Textured fabrics are also very prominent for Roman blinds, as it gives out a depth for your blinds, especially when hanging fully on windows.

Fabric stores also offer a wide range of fabric colours and designs for you to choose from. If you want a minimal look for your window treatments, go get plain fabrics that are pleasing to the eye. However, if you want something more striking and fun to incorporate with your window dresses, be sure to check out patterns and designs and have that artistic window at home. There's an endless choice to choose from, so choose the one that you desire.

The classic design of the blinds make them perfect for every home, however old or new. Roman blinds also save so much space and fabric, unlike the usual curtains that need extra inches. Consequently, Roman blinds can be used in any room or office, to give a classy yet neat look to any room. It's a good investment for those wanting to have the best window treatments; although it may be expensive, it's actually worth every penny.


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