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What are made to measure curtains?

When searching for new items to help rejuvenate a certain part of your home, it's ideal for getting them personalised. Getting new household items personalised has many benefits because they can be tailored to suit your specific needs, such as you getting to decide what you want them to look like specifically. Personalised items make your home reflect who you are and make for a more comfortable and vibrant environment. This type of personalisation can be applied to curtains as many fabric stores offer made-to-measure curtains. This process not only brings the aforementioned benefits of personalisation but also helps avoid using excess amounts of fabric and delivers a clean and tidy curtain. 

What are made to measure curtains, grey tartan fabric

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Made to measure curtains

The beauty of made-to-measure curtains is that you are able to determine the length of them, and because of this you’re able to get curtains that fit your windows perfectly. You also get to determine how much fabric you use, and whether you want your curtains to be anything from bulky to pleated, so you have a lot of agency and input when it comes to getting made-to-measure curtains. They are also ideal to have when you have children or pets because you can get them at a length that will be out of reach of them, avoiding them getting pulled on, scratched, and damaged. 


What size do I buy?

In order to determine what size curtains you need, you should measure the width and length of your windows. For the width, take a measuring tape, preferably a steel one, and measure your windows from left to right. When you reach the endpoint of your window, record the measurement and then add anywhere between 4 to 6 inches; this will give room for your made-to-measure curtains to fully cover your windows. For the length, you only need to start measuring at the start of your curtain pole and down to where you want your curtains to drape. You have the liberty here to choose how far the curtains will drape, so you can measure just the size of your window, or halfway from the distance of the floor to your window, or measure it all the way to the floor.

Ready-made curtains are a thing of the past. The limitations they pose are a hindrance to you getting the curtains most suitable and tailored to your home. These limitations include that you don’t have the choice to decide the colour, length, width, pattern, and style that you want in order to complement your home. You may go searching for specific curtains and find that the ones in which many stores offer don’t suit your needs given that they are already made. Choosing made-to-measure curtains is far more beneficial. If you’re looking for a certain type of fabric for your curtains, feel free to explore the fabrics we offer. Our range is expansive so you’re guaranteed to find something suitable for your curtains. Whilst we recommend made-to-measure curtains, we also offer ready-made ones if you’re struggling to decide when it comes to customising your own; our range is large as to offer something for everyone, so feel free to explore today as you may find some that you like. 

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