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What Are Eyelet Curtains?

Eyelet curtains, or ring top curtains, are contemporary headings that uses poles for mounting. The rings on the headings give out even soft pleats for your window treatments, unlike the usual ones that use a header tape. This means they do not need much material in the same way as a taped heading would. Poles must be used for eyelet curtains and not curtain tracks. There are other curtain headings out there such as the pencil and pinch pleated curtains, both giving a different structure of fabric flow for your window treatments.

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Above pencil and pinch pleated curtains, eyelet curtains set out a different effect for your curtain fabrics may it be plain or patterned, textured, or not. Eyelet curtains have metal rings on top of them where the pole goes through so your fabrics can have that wavy flow starting from the rings down to its last inch; the metal rings on eyelet curtains are responsible for letting the curtain fabric flow beautifully from top to bottom. This gives eyelet pleats an advantage as it gives a wave of fabric that is pleasing to the eye. Moreover, eyelet pleats have been widely used in many homes and even office spaces to achieve a simple and sophisticated atmosphere at any given time.

Eyelet curtains can also improve the appearance of your room. As it hangs perfectly, the structure of eyelet curtains from top to bottom makes your room appear even wider, and the design helps to accentuate the height of your room. Its smart line appearance always does the magic for a hotel-like and corporate feel as well.

Nonetheless, apart from how eyelet curtains look like, it is also preferred by many because it does not need too much fabric to achieve its structure. Unlike other folded curtains which need to be at least twice as wide as the window; eyelet curtains only need a fabric that is one and a half size of your window. This makes eyelet curtains even more desirable as they are highly economical to fabric sellers and buyers. Furthermore, eyelet curtains are very easy to put up, and they are simpler and less fiddly to hang, which only needs to be set up through a rod and you're all good to go. When you want more sunlight from outside, you can just slide your eyelet curtains on the side for a brighter room during the day, and when it's too hot, you can just slide it back. Eyelet pleats make setting curtains as easy as 123!

If you're thinking about purchasing eyelet curtains but don't know where to properly hang them, no need to worry. Eyelet curtains can do their thing in living rooms, dining areas, and bedrooms as well; it's almost available for everywhere in your home. The eye-catching lines of eyelet curtains make it well-known and advised by contemporary interior designers, as they keep the true scheme of any room in any household. For those who want to achieve a minimalist yet elegant look for their homes, eyelet curtains in plain colours must be at the top of your list. Eyelet curtains also frame your windows wonderfully, making the whole room look tidy and clean at the same time.


Tips On Using Eyelet Curtains

Eyelet curtains are usually used to have a clean and organised look wherever you want them to be. So, when thinking about what colour or design to buy, make sure to pick colours that are natural and not too striking. Eyelet curtains tend to provide a calm and easy effect on the curtain fabrics, so it's best to also incorporate the appropriate colours that would add up to its magical effect. You can pick from textured fabrics with pastel colours; they can be grey, beige, white, and more. Yet, if you want to opt for a darker look and want to buy blackout curtains, eyelet curtains can also be paired with darker colours. Just remember to not choose something that is too detailed and has a lot of designs in the fabric, as your curtains would tend to look awkward. Now, who would even want that?

If you don't want the colours to be bland, you can try mixing and matching different colours for your eyelet curtains. One eyelet curtain might not fit the size of your window, so you might have two or more curtains for it. You can try having one colour on each side, and another colour on the center. For instance, you can try having two grey eyelet curtains on the left and right side, and add a dark blue eyelet curtain on the centre. Just use your imagination, but remember to have your colours coordinated to also preserve the tidiness the eyelet curtains provide.

Furthermore, you must also keep in mind to measure your window size first before you even purchase your eyelet curtain fabrics. If you want fuller coverage and a casual look for your room, it is recommended to measure 2-4cm from the top of your rod, down to the floor, or wherever you want your eyelet curtains to fully hang. If you're done measuring the height of your curtains, be sure to also check the width of your windows. Remember that the curtain must be one and a half size of your window's width. The longer the width, the fuller your eyelet curtains would look. Always measure first before ordering from your favourite fabric stores.

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Several fabric stores offer made-to-measure curtains according to your preference. Still, it is best to visit trusted fabric mills for your curtain needs to be satisfied. More than the price, you must also look for quality, which is delivered at the Yorkshire Fabric Shop.


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