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What Are Curtain Pelmets And Is It Right For My Home

As window treatments have been evolving over the past decades, there are still others that eternally remain. More like a headboard for curtains, curtain pelmets are very much common in century-old houses and are now being used by modern architects and interior designers to bring out an old fashioned look combined with a modern look to your homes. Apart from the design it gives, curtain pelmets also are great at assisting in preserving your home's ventilation, however hot or cold may it be outside. Yet, how and when did curtain pelmets start?

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Pelmets are narrow pieces of wood or cloth used above curtains, doors, and bed frames to conceal curtain fittings or even unwanted rods. Pelmets can be made out of fabric over a wood frame, which may also contain foam padding. This has been used for quite a number of centuries already and is very prominent in suburban households or old houses. As decorative as they may seem, pelmets are used to also trap unwanted heat or cold from coming into your homes. It assists in blocking the heat during summer and also the cold during winter from entering your house. Pelmets provide elegance for your window treatments while being economical at the same time.


You might be wondering why curtain pelmets look old-fashioned; that is because they actually are. Curtain pelmets date back to the 15th century during the Renaissance period, where various forms of art were everywhere. Thus, designs for houses, dresses, and even small decorative materials for the homes were very much prominent during the old-time to be able to give out the best and most artistic look for every household. More so, curtains were also provided various types of pelmets to make it look neater and organised, which would also result in an elegant look. Patterns and decorative tassels were also used as the more the design, the more it was pleasing to the eyes. Consequently, curtain pelmets were mainly used by rich or upper-class individuals to decorate their doors and beds as well. Curtain pelmets are indeed traditional and they still thrive to provide a better aesthetic for all your window treatments.

In the modern days, there are just a few homes with traditional curtain pelmets. Designers and homeowners may still be having or wanting curtain pelmets, but with a different approach and a modernised design. 

Even though pelmets date back from several centuries ago, it is still now thriving into the way of interior designing. Curtain pelmets are still considered to be one of the best and most efficient window treatments for homes, but it's now shorter, with lesser fabrics, and straight designs. It may not be as flamboyant as what it usually looked like, but curtain pelmets are doing their purpose to make your windows look nicer while maintaining good ventilation inside your homes. It's just amazing how vintage designs are now coming back to life with the same efficient purpose!


Curtain pelmets are great for every home. They are ideally designed to make your home look conservative and sleek at the same time. Curtain pelmets often are misunderstood and deemed to be just an unnecessary accessory to your home. However, in contrast with the usual belief, curtain pelmets are specifically designed to help in getting the best ventilation in your home as possible.

Curtain pelmets can help homeowners save electricity bills due to them giving insulation to your windows. They act as a barrier to prevent airflow and stop warm or cold air from getting into your homes whatever the season may be. Apart from this, they also serve as a decorative accessory to your windows to be able to have a clean and sleek look to your window treatments. They are an added elegance to your home.


If you want to achieve a modern-contemporary home for a stylish yet minimal look, you can try incorporating wooden or plain curtain pelmets for your window treatments. Plain curtain pelmets give a tidy finish to the top of your curtains so they would not look messy. However, you must always make sure to use the most paired colour to your pelmets like white and beige so you would not have a hard time matching them from the colours of your curtains.

If you want polished and cushioned curtain pelmets, you can also try ordering upholstered variants to bring a touch of the Renaissance vibe in your rooms. Upholstered curtain pelmets may be a little expensive than the usual wooden ones, but it's worth the purchase to bring out the best for your window treatments. You can try incorporating velvet fabrics that are patterned or you can have it upholstered using a plain fabric. You'll be amazed at what creativity it can bring to your room!

Furthermore, you may be thinking of pelmets as a box-type accessory for your curtains; well you may be wrong. There are also fabric mills that offer a wide array of curtains with fabric curtain pelmets already. Yes, pelmets can also be an added fabric to your curtains so you can attach or detach them easily, unlike the usual pelmet that is readily installed and mounted on everyone's walls. Fabric pelmets were once a thing around the 50s until the 80s but they are not any more popular for modernised homes.

In modern times, vintage designs are now enhancing from time to time to suit our taste. Vintage accessories like curtain pelmets are now associated with modern home designing to achieve the best look your home can have. 


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Now that curtain pelmets are increasingly used in hotels and homes, it is no doubt that they can probably make your room look its best. Curtain pelmets are very good heat and cold conductors, which makes them great for better insulation inside your homes. Additionally, there are endless choices of pelmet types out there so you get to decide on what to do and what not to do; just remember that curtain pelmets must look neat and pleasing not only to guests but to you as a homeowner as well.


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