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Top 10 Ideas For Great Kid's Curtains

Contemplating what curtains to design in your children's room can somehow be overwhelming. The idea that we want to make the best room for our kids can lead us to think of thousands of things and end up not doing any of them. You might always scroll all over Pinterest just to get the design idea that you want, or get an inch of inspiration at the very least. Yet, when you want to decorate your kids' room with curtains, you must always keep in mind that the curtains should also be applicable to them more than the design. 

With a lot to choose from, what design should you follow? Perhaps you're still clueless. When choosing the right curtains for your children, here are the tips that you might want to know.

1. Fabric Type

Cotton and linens are great for children's rooms. It's not too thick that it still gives a well-lit ambiance for them during the day. When thinking of the best curtain for your kids, you must always opt for the best fabrics that are lightweight and natural to also let open air from going into their rooms. You might not want to have a too closed room for your young ones.

The right fabric type for kids' rooms that are not too textured, as children's curtains ought to be made easy, flowing, and soft. 

Childrens Curtains Fabric

2. Curtain Size

If you think that one size fits all, then you're probably wrong. In choosing the right size for your kids' curtains, be sure to use shorter ones for your toddlers. When they still cannot stand with both feet, they tend to pull up what they can grab for assistance to stand, and this might lead to your curtain being pulled down from the rod. 

Curtains for toddlers must always be out of their reach, most probably about the size of the windows. This can still assist in giving your kids privacy in their rooms. 

3. Mix & Match

In making your kids' room look its best, you can always mix and match curtain designs with your beddings. Having a uniform fabric design for your kids' room can make it look artistic depending on the liking of your children. You can go for his favorite cartoon character or it can be his favorite colour; something that your children would always give the notion of having his own space.

A uniform design may also entail a comfortable and clean room. So it may be good to incorporate a uniform art for your children's rooms to look tidy. 

4. Have The Right Colours

As your childrens' rooms must be always well-lit, it is also to take into consideration to find a curtain colour that can also attract light. You can opt for pastel and soft colours; not the ones that can block out most light. Sunlight is also great for your kids, so you need not block it too much.

Colours can also help in the development of your children's mental learning, but choose bright colours as it is most attractive for kids. 

5. Go For Patterns & Shapes

For those that have kids that are still starting to learn about patterns and shapes, it is best to put a curtain that can also contribute to their mental growth. Have curtains that have shapes and patterns so your child will also learn even in the spaces of his own room.

Remember that children tend to be curious, thus putting designs and patterns in your kid's spaces may help them develop their learning more just like with colours. 

6. Curtains Need To Be Fun

Parents must always look at this aspect when buying curtains for their kids. More than the colours, it should also be fun and appealing for your kids' eyes for them to also enjoy the sight of their curtains. Who says curtains must always be boring?

7. Complment Walls & Curtains

If you already have patterned wallpapers in your kids' room, it's best to choose a curtain that is plain-coloured or at least with a very minimal design. Having a patterned wall with a patterned curtain wall might look too rowdy and too striking for the eyes. Thus, it's good to balance the room's designs to also bring out an easy feeling in your kids' rooms.

A balance of art it is!

Yellow Striped Fabric

8. Consider The Age Of Your Children

Infants, toddlers, and teenagers can have different tastes. It's best to look for curtains that are age-appropriate, as the liking of a 6-year-old is probably different from that of a 12-year-old. Curtain picking must also be in line with your children's age.

For teenagers, they tend to like curtains that are dark and plain, but it might be best to ask them. Aside from being age-appropriate, your children's curtains should also be likable to your young ones. 

9. Ask Your Children

What matters most is what your kids want; not what you think they want. When picking the best curtain for your kids, it is best to ask them what they like. In this manner, they will feel like it's their personal space because they get to choose and design it. This can also enhance your kids' creative side by making them decide what's best and most appealing for them. Let them choose what they want; it's their room anyway. 

10. Buy Fabrics From Trusted Fabric Suppliers

There are just too many fabric stores anywhere, however, only some offer quality fabrics that are made to last. When you can't think of where to buy fabrics for your kids' curtains, you can always search around fabrics online. One store that can satisfy your curtain fabric essentials is the Yorkshire Fabric Shop. They sell thousands of arrays of fabrics and even offer their services online and worldwide. They also offer made-to-measure curtains so you'll just have to pay for the right amount of fabric according to your preference. How more can it be more convenient, right? 

Curtains should never be taken for granted. More than the privacy it offers, it can serve as your assistance in developing your children's mental capability through colours, shapes, and patterns. When designing the best curtain to buy for your children, it is still best to ask them. Thus, it is still with your kids' preference on what they like, as they know what's best for their rooms.


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