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Tips for restoring upholstery – tools and fabric Advice

Furniture can last hundreds of years when taken care of. A damaged upholstery should be restored to preserve the furniture’s value. When it comes to restoring seats, the best option is to reupholster it. Furniture can be reupholstered as long as the structure is still in good condition. 

Tips On Re-Upholstery

It might seem hard to restore upholstery, but once you see the results, you’ll be glad you did not opt to buy a new one as your furniture will seem like it’s brand new again. If you’re planning on restoring upholstery, here are some tips on what tools and fabric you should use. 

Tools for Restoring Upholstery 
When reupholstering, it is mandatory to be equipped with the right tools. Restoring upholstery is not an easy task, so lacking the right tools for the job will become a hindrance once you’ve decided to start. Here are the necessary tools for restoring upholstery that you should have with you before starting on your task: 

1. Rubber mallet 
2. Pliers 
3. Hammer 
4. Fabric scissors 
5. Butter knife 
6. Staple gun 
7. Large and small flat screwdrivers 
8. Box knife 
9. Glue gun 

Perfect Upholstery Fabrics 
It is essential to use high-quality fabrics for reupholstering. It is crucial to consider the durability of the fabric. 

Here are the fabric types for reupholstering you can use to complete your task. 

● Cotton 
One of the most popular fabrics when it comes to upholstering is cotton because it is breathable and durable. It is also comfortable and budget-friendly, which is why it is one of the most popular upholstery fabrics. 

● Linen 
This type of fabric is best for sofas and relaxing areas only because it is less resistant to stains and fading, plus since it is less durable, it cannot withstand heavy use. However, because it is also breathable and classic, it is one of the best fabrics to use for upholstery. 

● Leather
If you want something elegant looking in your room that is easy to clean, leather is the perfect choice for you. It can be cleaned and maintained by vacuums, damp-wipes, and leather conditioners. 

● Vinyl 
Mostly an alternative for leather. Since leather is pretty expensive, vinyl fabrics are the perfect alternative. It is also easy to clean and maintain, but its durability depends on the quality of the vinyl fabric. 

● Wool 
Wools are expensive but only because they have a great texture and feel. 

● Rayon
This fabric is like a combination of cotton, silk, and linen. It is developed solely to serve as an alternative for the three fabrics. 

● Polyester 
An easy to clean durable fabric. If you want to purchase these fabrics, Yorkshire Fabric Shop provides the best fabric quality with enormous selections for you to freely choose. 

Yorkshire Fabric Shop Can Provide You Upholstery Fabric

Start restoring your project now by using the best upholstery high-quality fabrics from our shop! We deliver worldwide and accept online payments. For inquiries or any concerns, contact Yorkshire Fabric Shop at or call us at 01924 728 753 and we will be happy to assist you! 


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