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Things to consider when buying curtains fabrics

Curtains can significantly impact the overall appearance of any room. Fabric is the most important material in creating these window treatments. It determines the function and quality of the curtains.

However, there are lots of things to consider when buying curtains. Choosing the right material can impact the overall quality of the curtain fabric, so you have to make sure that you pick the correct one. With so many factors present, deciding what fabrics to use can be overwhelming.

what To Consider When Buying Fabric For Curtains

The Yorkshire Fabric Shop listed down some of the things to consider when buying curtain fabrics.

Length and Width
The first thing you should do in deciding what fabric to use for your curtain is knowing the accurate measurements. Get the measurement from the top of the window to the floor. If you prefer long curtains, add an additional two or three inches. Long curtains give a modern and elegant look.

To have fullness, put an additional four to eight inches on each side and double the total measurement. These extra inches also help in preventing the light from entering your room.

Most households put curtains to protect their interiors from prying eyes. With this, choosing fabrics that offer privacy and lighting is important. Light fabric like linens and sheers work best in smaller areas. These fabrics allow light to penetrate the room, making small rooms seem bigger and cleaner.

On the other hand, heavy fabrics like velvet and silk give more privacy and personal touch. If you want to make your room darker, using heavy fabrics is effective like our Savoy Velvet fabrics.

Colour and Design
Fabrics come in varying prints and patterns. Designs can help you bring colour and life to your room. In choosing the right fabric pattern, make sure that it matches the furniture, walls, and beddings. Too many prints can ruin the appearance of your space. To avoid this, you may opt for neutral shades or paisley patterns like our Istanbul pattern fabrics.

The colour of the fabric must complement the aesthetic of your room. The shades of the wall, rugs, and furniture should also be considered.

Cleaning Requirements
Curtains require varying cleaning methods. Know if the fabric is suitable for washing machines or dry-clean. Doing this will save you money and time. Curtain fabrics are exposed to dust, dirt, and spill. Remember that cleaning curtains the wrong way can ruin them especially velvet fabrics.

Cleaning velvet is a nighmare as you may be left with a rubbed pile that shows clearly the directions of the pile.

While using the washing machine can save you money, it’s possible that you may destroy curtains, especially the high-quality types. Meanwhile, dry-cleaning may cost you more, but it will save you time and effort. Also, you’re ensured that your fabric will be taken care of by professionals.

Before purchasing your curtain fabric, make it a point to consider these things first. Having the right material for your curtains requires scrutiny. The inspiration you found on the internet can be useful, but it may not suit your style. With this, it’s best to think of your specific needs and preferences in deciding what fabrics to use.

If you think making curtains is not for you, remember the made to measure curtain service offered by Yorkshire Fabric Shop. All you have to do is measure your width and length and pick the 1000's of curtain fabrics and we'll sew and do the making up.

Velvet Curtain Fabric In Teal By Yorkshire Fabric Shop

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