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The no. 1 thing people get wrong about upholstery fabric

When choosing the right material for upholstery, especially on our furniture, we tend to decide whether fabric or some other materials. In our experience, people tend to say fabrics are worn out easily and not that durable kind of material for our furniture.  On a consumer perspective, we would try to consider various materials for our furniture upholstery. We would think about how those products would age over time.

Upholstery Fabric Production

Again, durability is a big factor. Another factor is maintenance. We wouldn’t want materials that would have difficulty maintaining.  Some other factors to consider are other users of the furniture such as children or pets. The shape and size too will be a significant factor. You might want to consider how it feels, wears and matches your overall lifestyle. 

Considering all the factors, we could say that the best material for your furniture is quality hardwearing upholstery fabric. Well, here are some facts about upholstery fabric.

Upholstery fabrics are stiffer, thicker, and heavier than most upholstery materials. This gives us a feeling that it is more durable than any other, which is correct. Using upholstery fabric will deliver on your furniture an elegant and stylish appearance compared to using any different types of upholstery products. 

Heavyweight Upholstery Fabrics

We could not stress out any further that upholstery fabrics are more comfortable than any other upholstery material such as plastic seating, etc. There is also a wide range of designs that comes with it, namely colours, patterns and textures. When it comes to designs, the patterns are created when the fabric is woven. This means the colours itself are made out of different yarn colours, unlike other materials which their patterns are printed, which in time will fade out. There are also solid upholstery fabrics which are called solid upholstery fabrics. 

This type of fabric has a bit of a raised texture and pattern on their design as a whole which is created during the weaving process. Other than the appearance and designs, upholstery fabrics also are the best choice since this type of material can take most of the wearing. Plus it does not show any wears and signs of damage on furniture that are used heavily in a day to day basis in the long run. 

The elaborate process itself of creating this type of material helps determine accurately how durable it is. Given its high durability, on regular intervals, cleaning can quickly be done with a damp cloth or with any other type of stain removing products.

In the event of changing your home décor, upholstery fabrics can be removed and reupholstered so that it will meet the look of your newly designed home décor. Reupholstering will give your furniture a fresh look.  When it comes to pricing it will vary on the customer’s demands for their fabric of choice, size and the shapes of the furniture they wished to be upholstered.

So, those are just some of the facts that will prove wrong on the people’s concern in using fabrics for upholstery on their furniture. By knowing these facts that we've put at Yorkshire Fabric Shop would put together piece by piece the real advantage of using upholstery fabrics and would put any doubts of the material to rest.

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