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Suede vs Leather – Which Material Is Best ?

Leather is a well known and well used fabric. It has many uses from clothing to upholstery. Suede is a different kind of leather and despite both materials being produced from animal hide, suede and leather are different. Leather is made from the outerside of the animal skin and suede is made from the underside, of course there are animal friendly options available for both suede and leather.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop Suede Vs Leather – Which Material Is Best

Suede is known for being softer and more supple than leather, as well as being more expensive. However suede does have its disadvantages, suede can be prone to shrinkage, and during production the animal skin is stretched to achieve a uniform thickness and texture which means, over time, the suede will begin to shrink.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop Suede Vs Leather – Which Material Is Best

Suede has a very soft, porous surface, making it highly susceptible to dirt and moisture. Suede is a very high maintenance fabric whereas, with the correct products, leather is a lot easier to look after. Suede and leather are hypoallergenic, as they don’t collect dust mites, pet hairs or other allergens; this makes them a great upholstery fabric compared to other materials.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop Suede Vs Leather – Which Material Is Best

Giving a feel of luxury, leather has a high tensile strength, giving it resistance to tears, rips and punctures, it is a great insulator and is resistant to fire and water. It used to be the case that leather was only available in natural colours, beiges and browns, but leather is now available in a range of colours.

The decision between leather and suede is ultimately yours; both materials are great for upholstery and accessories, like cushions and can even transform your car, campervan or boat! At Yorkshire Fabric Shop we have a fantastic range of faux leather and suede to suit your design requirements. Take a look at our fabric finder or visit our warehouse. You can contact us on 01924 728 753 or email


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