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Should curtains touch the floor?

One of the things that you consider buying curtains is its length. It's one of the deciding factors in choosing the best curtains for your windows. 

Curtain fabric expert at Yorkshire Fabric shop shares some ideas about considerations in the curtain length and how to decide if curtains always have to touch the floor.

This curtain is touching the floor, would you want yours?

Common Curtain Styles & Lengths 

In determining how long the curtains to reach the floor, we should first know some of the curtain styles we can choose along with its usual lengths. 

This curtain style means the curtain reaches at least 6 inches on the floor to achieve a "puddling" effect. One of the formal curtain styles is inspired by old European home's traditional yet classy styles. This kind is excellent in sumptuous fabrics like velvet. 

This style pertains to curtains that extend 1 to 2 inches on the floor. It creates a "break" around the hemline, resulting in a casual look on the curtain. For a cosy look to your bedrooms or family area, this can be the style that you may want to achieve.

For a more authentic curtain look, the grazing style is what you're looking for. In this style, the curtains will brush the floor but not to the point of revealing the window's baseboards. It may take a few efforts to create, but the airy and elegant results will surely be worth it.

Of all the curtain styles, this is the easiest to create. All it needs is to let the curtain hem reach about 3/8 to ½ inches above the floor. Besides being easy to measure and design, it is also easiest to vacuum and maintain. If you are looking for curtains that don't require too much maintenance, this can be an excellent option for you. 

From the term itself, the short curtain brushes the windowsills or extends a little bit below it. It is a great casual style that suits areas where there is no need to extend it to the floor, like in the bathroom or kitchen. 

This curtain style is the shortest one, which only extends halfway to the window. It can be either hanged plainly or with valence curtains on the top edge. It is typically seen in bathrooms where there is privacy, yet the outside light can still enter. 

Should curtains have to touch the floor?

The Yorkshire Fabric Shop believes in the majestic effect of curtains touching the floor. Though your preference should still be the top priority in deciding, long curtains never fail to create the most stylish and elegant look. 

However there are some exceptions that you have to consider the shorter curtain types, these are: 

- Areas like long curtains are not advisable and convenient, like kitchen areas and bathrooms

- Areas with small windows that are situated above a piece of furniture or counter

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