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Roman Blinds versus Venetian Blinds - Which is better?

Getting a window cover that sets everything well for your home can lead you to have an organized interior. Curtains can be regarded as just one simple fabric that covers your windows, but they can also be an added decoration to make your interiors look better and alive. Yet, when thinking about window covers, curtains can get too rowdy and just full of excess fabrics; how better can you treat that than using blinds for them?

Blinds are the most convenient way to cover your windows and have control over how much sunlight comes in. Apart from the usual curtains which you can only set from side to side and do not give you more authority to your window treatments, blinds can be an essential part in our home as it gives you easier access, convenience, and neatness when you want to move it up and down. This will also let you get the exact percentage of light you want inside, so you can always have that hassle-free window treatment you have always wanted.

Venetian blinds in a customer home at Yorkshire Fabric Shop

However, not all blinds are the same. Aside from the style and the designs it covers, there are different variations of blinds that you can choose from; you can either go for Roman blinds or Venetian blinds. But how are they different from each other?


Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are window treatments that are mostly made out of wood, metal, or plastic. Wood Venetian Blinds are perfect for those interiors with a cozy effect, giving you a more naturalized look inside; Metal Venetian Blinds are great to be used in modern homes, as it gives a futuristic approach and sets the boldness in a window cover; while Plastic Venetian Blinds can be paired with almost anything, and it’s also sold at a cheap price in most home depots.

Venetian blinds also consist of horizontal flats that opens and closes together when you either pull their strings up and down. More so, they are very much applicable for areas with high moisture as it does not absorb humidity so you can just wipe the moisture and dust off. However, Venetian Blinds accumulate dust very often, and you might need to clean them from time to time.

Still, you can use them in kitchens and bathrooms, as they do not stain and odour when liquid splatters come in contact with them. 


Roman Blinds

JO-1214 Roman blind

Buy this Roman blind here at Yorkshire Fabric Shop

Roman blinds are gaining popularity for homeowners. They provide you with a formal and sleek look that’s also very flexible and convenient to use. Unlike Venetian Blinds, you gain more control over the light that comes in, as you can reduce or increase it by pulling strings; they do not have flats that open and closes together. 

Moreover, Roman blinds also create a sophisticated look for your home. You can pair them with lots of different fabric styles and designs, so you can easily add more decoration and a better aesthetic for your homes. Roman blinds can also be altered and trimmed, and it's up to you what decor you would put at the borders and the bottom of the blinds.

Still, even though many fabrics catch dust easily, you can easily tap and brush them off so you can have a convenient way of cleaning them. Fabrics for Roman blinds are also generally very sturdy, so it does not pill and wear off even after daily usage. 

The Verdict

Yorkshire Fabric Shop recommends using Roman blinds for your home. It has more benefits than Venetian blinds and sure is an easy way to refine and beautify your interiors. Roman blinds may be sold at a high cost, but it is a good investment as they are very strong and durable as well.


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