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Regular fabric vs. upholstery fabric

Entering a fabric store can be intimidating, for there are piles of pretty new fabric. It makes you drool for sure.

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There are certain types of fabric in a store in which we can categorize them based on their quality, texture, patterns, and colour. But what would be the main difference between regular fabric and fabric for upholstery?

When comparing regular fabric and upholstery fabric, we need to check the composition of the material and how it has been made.

Regular Fabric vs. Upholstery Fabric

Regular fabrics are commonly seen on drapery. It is medium weight, usually referred to as multipurpose fabric. Most of the regular fabrics have patterns printed on them. Some could be embroidered. It could be used in broad projects like pillow covers, duvet covers, curtains, and so much more.

Upholstery fabric is heavier, thicker, and stiffer. The weaving process created great patterns for upholstery fabric. There are two basic methods of weaving upholstery fabric: flat and pile. These two weaves are the beginning of all the furniture fabric. 

Different coloured yarns are used, that means it goes all the way through and won’t wear away just like printed patterns. To check if the pattern was woven is to look at the back of the fabric. If the design was inverted, it means it means the pattern was woven.

Velvet, chenille and vinyl are examples of upholstery fabric that has backings to ensure durability. This provides more support and strengthens the material. 

Upholstery fabric is made up of natural fibre, synthetic fibre or a combination of both. And natural fibres are the likes of cotton, linen, rayon, wool and silk. 

For synthetic fibre mentioning acetate, acrylic, olefin and polyester are also great compositions.

Combination of natural and synthetic fibre offers the best of both worlds. Your choice of fabric will affect the fabric’s appearance and feel.

Upholstery fabric is easy to maintain, abrasion-resistant, and at the same time aesthetic. They would undergo multiple tests to check their properties. One popular method is the “Double rub count”. In this process, a piece of cotton duck is repeatedly rubbed over the test fabric using a mechanized arm. This is to replicate the abrasive effects of constant use and friction when sitting and standing.

Additionally, upholstery fabric gives comfort to homeowners; they appear to be more comfortable and softer. For people who are allergic to dust mites, pet dander, and any allergens; leather fabrics would be an option. Leather fabric is hypoallergenic.

To sum it up, we highly recommend using upholstery fabric in any furniture use; it is far better than regular material. Investing money for something you would surely use for a longer time is better than spending money for a lower price, but the durability is low. 

We at Yorkshire Fabric Shop believe that money and time is gold. We value our customer so much that we provide high-quality product and service. 

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