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Made To Measure Curtains – YES Please

We at Yorkshire Fabric Shop are delighted to introduce our new service of made to measure curtains. Ever since our commencement in 2014, we have delivered mesmerising curtains and a huge range of fabrics to homes and commercial interiors that still are the crown of the decor. Our curtains are made in varied designer fabrics and patterns that range from plain to pattern.

Our exceptional and eclectic fabrics sourced from around the world offers us a unique advantage; the chance to serve our customers with pieces that are one of a kind. Now, to find curtains that complement the decor or instead uplift the entire mood of the property is no more challenging. But to be able to find ready-made pieces that fit the size of your room can be a hassle. 


Talk About Curtains - Yorkshire Fabric Shop

"Would you like to have a made to measure curtains instead of a ready-made one?

"Ahh, yes please!!" 

Dedicated to aiding people with the best fabrics in town and keeping their requests in mind, we decided to launch our made to measure curtains. So, now not only can you choose from the best textile and curtains store in the UK, but you have the chance to get it customised to the size you want. 


In Demand Curtains From The Best Made To Measure Curtain Shop In The UK


Pencil Pleat Curtains

With pencil-like folds, these curtains never goes out of style for any place. Adorn your homes with long and durable pencil pleat curtains and watch them create magic.


Eyelet Curtains

With a little professional touch and distanced pleats, eyelet curtains to are in trend. If you have the pole space to add this, it will be a Midas touch to your decor.


Blackout Curtains

Stop the lights from coming into your house with smart blackout curtains. Mostly preferred by people who have a lot of light gushing into their main rooms.


Thermal Curtains

With the cold weather in the UK, the most preferred choice of curtains is thermal curtains as they keep your home safe from outside weather, and give a comfortable and cosy feel.


Made To Measure Curtains In Striped Pattern Fabric With Pleated Finish


Benefits Of Choosing To Have Your Curtains Made By Yorkshire Fabric Shop


Fabric Of Your Dream

We have a range of over 4,500 fabrics sourced from around the globe by our experts. The curtains made from such textiles look good, feel good, and moreover, are of top quality. You can have a look at all of them at our mill or shop online. We also share samples with customers. Want a big size? Have it delivered in a day at just a small fee too! 


Customized & Prepared With Artisanal Skills

Curtains for your home or interior projects is a small delight that amplifies decor to a massive extent. With our team of skilled and expert professionals, who are doing this for a long, we mix their skills in a contemporary style with the sizes you tell. In this way, you get the touch of Yorkshire curtains melted in the beauty of textile design and custom size. Choose the right made to curtain shop now. 


Designs That Allure You 

We know how to make every type of curtains for you- be it pencil pleat curtains, thermal curtains, eyelet curtains, chrome eyelet heading, or basic pleat curtains. In the vast range of luxury curtains too, you have the choice to choose what suits your decor the best. With such alluring great quality curtains, rest assured of having exactly what you are looking for. With our excellent quality and selected curtains style, you will have just what suits your personal style.


Multitude of Designer Curtains Fabric

Your elegant property asks you to choose a material that complements its style. When you come to us, we provide more than 4,500 designs to choose from- plain, animal print, floral, geometric, tribal, etc. In all these, we have the option for you to filter according to colour, style, material, purpose, and even price. Check out the curtains fabrics online and choose a sample you wish to have if you cannot visit us. In the store, At Yorkshire Fabric Shop, you will find everything!


Curtains Styles & Type As You Wish 

A tailor-made curtain involves deciding multiple aspects - design of both curtains and material, entire look, sizes, and ultimately, what goes into making it. If you want to have room darkening curtains, you need to have blackout lining or blackout curtains, but if your room is allowing sunlight, you choose plain lining or, many a time, you don't need a lining behind the curtains. Many curtains look amazing with patterned curtains lining. We also provide separate curtain linings. We at Yorkshire Fabric Shop have all the options open for you. 


Process Of Ordering A Made To Measure Curtain

Are you tired of looking at the designs of the same curtains and want something extraordinary? If your home is looking for a style quotient in curtains designs, all you've got to do is follow the simple process we are stating. 



Find the size of the wall/window area where you want the curtains to be placed. Measure the size appropriately and look for designs that fit that size. 



Look for the style that you wish to have in your property that complements your existing decor idea. As soon as you understand the basics of style/colour, you can move forward to the next step. 


Visit Our Website 

Head to our website and choose from our luxurious fabric, style, pattern, design, price, and colour. If you want to visit our mill or store, we are all set to welcome you there too. If working online, select the samples that you would want to have. 


Get Samples

Have the samples delivered to your doorsteps. We deliver samples that can be made into curtains. If you want to have big size for the sample, we do that too but for a small fee. 



Finalise the design and details of the curtains by getting in touch with us. Complete exactly what you require the order and receive the curtains of your dreams at your home.


An end to your search for the best made to measure curtains in the world

We at Yorkshire Fabric Shop aim to deliver an experience that can give you a cozy feel, fast delivery, good quality, and in addition a perfect curtain. Our curtains range involves all kinds of selected curtains around the globe; from plain curtains to blackout curtains, from eyelet curtains to pencil pleat curtains. 

In this era of luxury curtains, bid adieu to unwanted light with the excellent quality ready-made curtains, that are made to measure for your place. Know more by providing your dimensions to us. 


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