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Is viscose a good fabric for upholstery?

The viscose is a semi-synthetic type of rayon fabric produced from the wood pulps from beech, pine, eucalyptus, and even bamboo. As mentioned, it is semi-synthetic because even produced naturally. It undergoes a chemically-exposed process like carbon disulfide and sodium hydroxide. 

Viscose Fabric

First introduced as a cheaper silk fabric sometime in the 1800s, the viscose is known for its softness and lightweight. These characteristics have been considered excellent materials for various furniture and wardrobes in every home for many decades. 

Characteristics of the Viscose Fabric 

If you are into a lightweight material with an exceptional drape and luxurious finish, viscose fabric meets all these criteria. Despite its classy look, this is cheaper compared to other elegant fabric types. Along with this, the viscose is known for the following characteristics: 

Absorbency- The viscose can be a great fabric in shirts and athletic apparel because of being absorbent. As it doesn't trap the heat to the cloth, it can also absorb water and sweat in the body 

Softness- Despite the silkiness it possesses that gives a smoother and classy look, the viscose is guaranteed to be very soft, just like the cotton. 

Breathability- Another quality-related to viscose's lightness is that it gives a breathable feeling to the wearer. As it absorbs the sweat, it doesn't leave without any sticky or discomfort feeling. 

Ability to maintain its shape- Just like other fabrics known for its drape qualities, the viscose is not elastic, which can disrupt its drapery and shape. Moreover, this quality makes it a great combination with other textiles like spandex, giving a stretchy feature. 

Colour retention- Even with a more extended time of use and frequent washes, the viscose can hold its dye without fading fast. 

Viscose as an Upholstery Fabric 

When it comes to upholstery furnishings, the viscose is considered one of the best choices because of its absorbency, comfort, and economical. 

With these features, the viscose fabric is not used plainly in upholsteries. Most of the time, this fabric is blended with other materials to ensure more sheen and durability to the fabric and furniture. 

However, just like other fabrics, the viscose also has its weakness. In this textile's case, it can be damaged if it becomes more exposed to direct sunlight. It is not too resistant to soil and wrinkle issues, unlike other synthetic fibre types. 

Caring for the Viscose Fabric in Upholsteries 

Like other fabrics, the viscose needs to be taken care of not only for its aesthetic appeal but also for a longer lifespan. Viscose fabrics are required to be dry cleaned. Its overall appearance will be affected since it becomes weaker and stretchy when wet. 

If it needs to be washed frequently, use cold water and mild detergent and never machine wash it. When handwashing, avoid wrinkling or squeezing it. Afterwards, rinse it carefully, hang it, or lay it flat to dry. 

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