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Is velvet fabric a good choice for curtains?

When choosing curtains, it is essential to select a suitable fabric. The term “velvety” is used when describing something as soft, which is derived from the fabric velvet. Velvet fabric is indeed soft, but one of the heaviest curtain fabrics you might encounter! It has a smooth fabric that looks elegant and is considered as an epitome of luxury because of how shiny and smooth it is. 

There are a lot of people who use velvet fabric for their curtains, especially those who want to give their home decor an expensive look. You can see velvet fabrics being used as evening wear dresses because it was also made from silk and can be produced using other fabrics such as cotton, wool, linen, synthetic fibres, etc. If you are interested in choosing velvet fabrics for your curtain, Yorkshire Fabric Shop provides hundreds and even thousands of options for you to choose from! We offer velvet fabrics for your curtains with different styles, patterns, and colours!

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The velvet fabric has different types, and all of them look elegant and expensive! If you want to purchase a velvet fabric for you to use as a curtain, then you should know what the types of velvet are to be able to choose the right velvet fabric type for your curtain. Here are just five different types of velvet, but there are still others that aren’t mentioned.

1. Crushed velvet
From its name, this velvet type offers a crushed look that can be obtained by twisting the fabric while it is wet or by pressing it. This method gives a crinkle look which results in a shimmery look.

Crushed Velvet Fabric In Teal Colour

2. Chiffon velvet
This type of velvet is commonly used for formal garments and evening wear because of its ultra-sheer form.

3. Embossed velvet
Embossed is somehow defined as stamping a design or other stuff into an object. Embossed velvet is the same; something is printed onto the fabric, which can contain words, symbols, and shapes.

4. Panne velvet
Panne velvet is a type of crushed velvet where heavy pressure is applied to the pile to form a pattern called panne velvet.

5. Stretch velvet
With the use of spandex, stretch velvet is produced. The spandex is incorporated into the weave to make it stretchy and flexible. 

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Is velvet fabric a good choice for curtains? Definitely yes. Especially if you want to give your curtain an expensive and elegant look. If you want to purchase a velvet fabric for your made 2 measure curtains, browse our website and use the filter feature for velvet fabrics for an easier option! We provide convenient shopping in the comfort of your own homes with our worldwide shipping offer! If you need different materials for whatever reason, there is no better way to get them than purchasing it from Yorkshire Fabric Shop!


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