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Is polyester durable for a sofa?

Buying an upholstered sofa isn’t an easy task. There are plenty of factors to consider like price, fabric, and style.

Since there are many options nowadays in fabric shops such as Yorkshire Fabric Shop, you have to pick the best material for your home.

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Polyester is one of the most overlooked solutions that are available today. Its durable, synthetic profile make polyester stand out among upholstery fabrics.

Polyester is easy to look after when used on a sofa, thus offering a durable experience. The one key issue you may want to investigate is that this material provides low resistance to stains of greasy food and oil contacts.

If you're planning of adding new furniture to your house, then you'll want to know why polyester is a great option.

The Yorkshire Fabric Shop listed four reasons why polyester is durable for a sofa.

1. Resist pet’s claws
If you have a dog or cat, then you have an idea of how their claws can ruin your couch. A leather covering is difficult to have because the tears and punctures will start forming instantly.

This is the reason why the polyester couch is a better option. It’ll not stop all the harm your pets can do, but it can withstand the effect of their sharp teeth and claws better than organic fibres.

2. Stain resistance
One of the key reasons why you must consider polyester upholstery for your sofa is that it’ll provide an extra layer of stain resistance. Despite its weakness to oils, polyester can resist other blemishes more than natural fibres.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop can treat fabrics to be stain-resistant, so you can prolong the life of the material.

Polyester can also maintain its colour over time while avoiding fading problems from light exposure. That means that the sofa you bought today can still look good as new after five years.

3. Non-allergic
There are lesser chances of allergy growth if you select a polyester sofa over a natural fabric substitute. Some of you may have rapid reactions to non-synthetic choices, with wool and cotton, often producing the most triggers.

Other allergens like pollen can also settle into the upholstery fabrics and make a long-term problem in the household.

4. Mix with other fibres
Choosing 100% polyester sofa is an excellent idea for your home. On the other hand, you can also opt for composite material for your upholstery so you can experience the benefits of organic and synthetic blend.

If you blend cotton with polyester, then the material appears to feel softer while staying breathable. You can also get a more durable weave when blending materials instead of using human-made goods.

There are numerous blending choices to choose from if you’re buying polyester sofa at present.

If you’re shopping for a polyester couch today, there are many blending choices from which to choose. Silk, rayon, and wool will work with the human-made strands to create the special experience that you want for your home.

It's best to redecorate your home for the coming cold winter season. In doing so, you can start by shopping upholstery and curtain fabrics. The Yorkshire Fabric Shop offers high-quality and cheap fabrics for your home. We also deliver in most parts of the world.

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