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Is it worth it to reupholster a couch?

If you want to change the atmosphere of your house, but you don’t have enough money to buy new things, then reupholstering is perfect for you. Of course, it is a case to case basis. You have to know first if your couch is worth the reupholster.

Instead of replacing it, reupholstering a couch will theoretically save you money, but the cost is not typically the most important aspect of the decision. But overall, reupholstering your couch is worth it. Why? Here are some reasons we can think of why it’s worth the try. 

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But before anything else, you need to check your furniture if it is worth reupholstering to avoid wasting money. First, you need to determine if the couch is over 10 years ago because some older pieces are not durable enough to withstand reupholstering. But, if you have an older piece that is not structurally falling apart, then it’s a good sign. 

Second, check the framing of the couch. The best couch to reupholster is the one made with a hardwood frame with a few knots. The joints should be secured by dowels and glue instead of staples. Check if it wobbles and feels shaky, too. It should be durable and well-crafted.

Third, press the cushions on and grip the sofa's padded arms and back. If they feel squishy or easily compressed, they are possibly made of low-quality foam, making it a bad investment to reupholster the sofa. Your upholsterer will work with the material if they feel firm or lumpy to keep the sofa comfortable and useable.


It offers better quality pieces

If you're thinking of reupholstering your furniture, chances are you bought it quite a while ago for the first time. The design on the fabric is probably a little outdated, and it might look a little worse for wear if it's been well-used and well-loved for many years. In the long run, reupholstering your older, stronger furniture will end up saving you money. 

Furthermore, buying new furniture could at present be cheaper than refurbishing because it can be a little expensive to refurbish each piece of your furniture. Most of the furniture on the market is mass-produced these days, however, which means that the materials and construction leave a little to be desired in terms of quality.


Choosing your design

Instead of sacrificing nostalgic pieces and giving up your beloved style, just keep the items you love and re-wrap them in a more modern-looking fabric. Moreover, as far as the final product is concerned, the sky is the limit when you reupholster.

There are only so many choices that suit the vision you have in your mind for your home when you're shopping for new furniture. However, when you reupholster, you can choose almost any fabric, pattern, and style that will fit the design of the room.


Comfort is a priority

You probably have an incredibly comfortable couch if you are not able to wait to relax with a film and some popcorn on your couch at the end of a long day. The most significant thing is just getting relaxed on your couch.

Furthermore, many items manufactured today are made of inexpensive materials, and anything comfortable, affordable, and well-made can be difficult to find. If you already have something stylish and well-made, then you have to refresh your look with new fabric and return to your regular busy schedule in no time.


Help the Environment

If you want to recycle and keep your bin to a minimum throughout the year, it can be a perfect alternative to tossing old items that will inevitably end up in a landfill to reupholster your furniture. Take care of the Planet and recycle your outdated furniture with fresh upholstery; right before your own eyes, you're practically recycling your couch.

Furthermore, consider how much the couch means to you. It can be difficult to find the right shape and size of sofa for your house, so if you have it in front of you and it only needs some repairs and new fabric, it is probably a good idea to reupholster it.

Consider the cost and all aspects of the reupholstering process before deciding whether to reupholster or buy a new one. We hope the information above will help you with your decision making in the future. 


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