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Is It Too Late To Buy An Outdoor Cushion This Year

The weather has changed and Autumn is definitely upon us. You may think that it is too late to buy an outdoor cushion this year, however, it’s never too late.

Many households in the UK have created an outdoor space with a view to using it all year round. Garden buildings are becoming commonplace in gardens, Installing heaters means that the outdoor space is comfortable whatever the weather. The growing trend of hot tubs has seen many people install a shelter to enable use throughout the year.

Although these spaces are covered and protected from the elements it is still recommended that you buy outdoor cushions to use. Most of these garden buildings aren’t fully enclosed structures meaning that any upholstery in there can still be susceptible to getting damp.

It is this outdoor indoors movement that means that it isn’t too late to buy an outdoor cushion. 

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Why you need an outdoor cushion


Outdoor fabrics are water repellant

Even if your outdoor space is covered the likelihood is that it is open on at least one side. Should you get caught out and your cushions get soaked in a heavy downpour you can be confident that this won’t be the end for them. Designed to dry quickly and repel water you won’t be left with unsightly water marks. Your outdoor cushions will soon dry out and be as good as new.


Outdoor fabrics are resistant to mould and mildew

Outdoor cushions are usually stored outside when not in use. This is often in a shed, garden building or storage box. All of which are great and keep the cushions clean and dry. However, these storage solutions aren’t insulated so there is a risk of damp. A normal fabric would be ruined after a short period in such conditions. An outdoor cushion is designed to resist mould and mildew caused by damp conditions.

Outdoor fabrics come in a huge range of colours and patterns to suit your outdoor ambience. Complete your outdoor look with some amazing outdoor cushions, fabulous lighting and enjoy the outdoors, whatever the weather.


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