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Is it cheaper to make your own curtains?

Curtains provide your home with many advantages. One of the most significant benefits of the curtain is its ability to cover windows.

Since there are windows in most of your homes, it's essential to choose the right curtains.

Using curtains allows you to have privacy in your home. You don’t want people seeing the interiors of your house, especially at night.

In buying curtains, one factor you consider is the price. Curtains can be expensive, depending on the fabric and quality.

What if you have lots of windows? What if you want to have thick curtains? Does it mean you have to spend a fortune on curtains?

Well, creating your curtains enables you to save money. Instead of buying them in the store, you can create your window coverings.

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Homemade Curtain Ideas

Sometimes, discounted curtains are still expensive. Buying huge curtains for your entire house can be pricey as well.

The Yorkshire Fabric Shop listed these tips so you can save money on curtains.


1. Drop Cloth Curtains
Instead of using linen curtains, you can choose old drop cloths. They are cheaper. Dropcloth is easy to create and wash. It’s durable too!

There are tons of tutorials on the web about no-sew curtains made of drop cloth.

2. Shower Curtains
Shower curtains are usually cheaper compared to other curtains. They come in beautiful designs and patterns. Their length is enough to cover most of your windows.

To save more money, you can cut shower curtains in half to create two curtains. Sew or use adhesive tape to finish the materials.

3. Flat Sheets
Flat sheets are cheaper than real curtains. They have numerous styles and colours. Since they are wide, you can cut them in half to make several curtains.

4. Tablecloth
Instead of throwing away old tablecloths, you can create window valances from them. Tablecloths are more likely to match the colour scheme of your kitchen. You can hang them using tension rods and clips.

5. PVC Pipes
Curtain rods can be expensive.
With the use of spray paint, no one can notice that you’re using PVC pipes as curtain rods.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop

Looking for the proper window coverings can be overwhelming and costly, especially if your house has lots of windows.

Think first about what particular look you want to achieve in your house before you build your curtains. Doing this allows you to pick the right curtain fabrics, which can save you time and money.

Making your curtains gives you full control of what fabrics and accessories to use.

Most homemade curtain tutorials teach you to create curtains in less than 10 minutes! If done right, do-it-yourself curtains can look great in your house.

The Yorkshire Fabric Shop has tons of curtains to choose from. You’ll never run out of designs, fabrics, and colours.

Our curtains come in different fabrics such as cotton, leather, velvet material, and more. If you want a floral, animal print fabrics, or plain designs, we have it for you!

Feel free to visit our furnishing decor store here in West Yorkshire, U.K. You may also contact us on 01924 728 753.


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