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How to use kilim for sofas

While hard and robust lines are out, comfortably bright colours and designs like kilim are trending for upholsteries. We reveal more about this colourful woven fabric, the benefits and its use for sofas.

What is kilim?

What is Kilim?

Kilims are reversible fabrics that are woven on a loom. This fabric is considered ancient and the craft of weaving is dated back from the Turkmen tribes. While this is associated with oriental rugs, this is entirely different. Oriental rugs are made by knotting natural fibres into vertical cotton looms, whereas kilim is made from interwoven threads. Unlike the oriental rugs, its weft and warp fibres are woven together and not knotted. It’s done in a slit weave method, a weaving technique where horizontal holes are left purposely between two colour blocks.

Advantages of using kilim for sofas

One of the benefits of using kilim for upholsteries like sofas is that it can be used regardless if it's new or worn out. Compared to other fabrics that cannot be used when it looks old and worn out, the kilim's worn and faded features serve as an asset that brings additional impact to the sofa. In fact, vintage kilims or kilims that are more than twenty years old are excellent choices for any upholstered furniture, especially in homes with pets and children.

Whether it is made for cushions and sofa covers, kilims are highly versatile decorative elements in the home. With its earthy colour and traditional motifs and designs, they are surprisingly fitted even in highly-colourful interiors or even in contemporary home styles.

Another reason to use kilim for sofas is it never gets out of style. No matter how many years pass by, a kilim textile will be suitable for any preferred style or perspective in everyone's home. With this In mind the kilim can be an excellent home investment.

Techniques to use kilim for sofas

Most of the time professional decorators and interior designers recommend using kilims because of its robust nature. But for those who want to consider this fabric for sofas, here are some points to consider:

1. Regardless of the pattern of the kilim's design, it will be cut down based on the shape and size of the sofa. So, it is vital to make visualization where the pattern will exactly fall.

2. The general rule in using this fabric is two kilims for a sofa while one kilim for a chair. However, this rule can or cannot be applicable depending on the size of the couch to be covered.

3. Another rule in making the most of kilim material is to use the non-seams for larger sizes like the sofa and other upholstery, while the seamed ones are for smaller furniture like arm panels.

4. Do not worry if there aren’t two identical kilims. There are various ways to mix and match this fabric pattern because of an array of colours and designs to choose from. Be sure to use different yet compatible patterns for this fabric. The sofa can still look charming with it.

5. In choosing fabric designs, consider how it can beautifully transfer the furniture. For instance, a kilim with a central rectangular design can either be placed in the front or back portion of the sofa. Nowadays, the kilim fabric is extensively preferred in almost every area and furniture like sofas. Its original yet innovative designs and colours can surely give sofas a new perspective and taste that anyone will love.

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