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How To: Take Care Of Your Curtains

You have found the perfect fabric and spent your hard-earned money to get them to fit perfectly and so the team at Yorkshire Fabric Shop wanted to share some simple steps to protect your curtains and keep them looking pristine for as long as possible.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop How To Take Care Of Your Curtains

Sun damage

It’s no surprise that the sun’s UV rays can cause damage to your curtains, particularly for south facing ones; in fact these rays are the biggest problem for your curtains and other soft furnishings.  UV rays can cause the edges of your curtains to become weakened and can rot the curtain’s lining too. You may have come across sun damage in the form of fading, using lining or interlining can help to prevent fading, you can also swap curtains regularly, for example left to right and right to left. This will help prevent one piece of fabric becoming more faded than the other.

Lining and interlining

Curtain lining can help to protect curtain fabric from sun damage; lining is a layer of fabric inserted onto the back of the curtains. Interlining is different; this is an additional piece of fabric that is inserted between the curtain fabric and the lining.

These layers offer more than just protection however; lining can make curtains look fuller and provides a tiny finish. It can protect you from draughts coming through the window and even give your curtains a black out effect, great for bedrooms where you don’t want sunlight disrupting your sleep.

Cleaning and maintenance

We don’t advise that you iron the fabric; simply hanging your curtains will naturally remove any creases. Something that you may not be aware of is that you should regularly vacuum your curtains every six months; this will remove any dust and dirt from the fabric. When necessary, you should dry clean your curtains; this will ensure that the utmost care is taken of your fabric.

At Yorkshire Fabric Shop we have a fantastic range of quality, unique fabric – perfect for curtains. Our team of professionals can provide made-to-measure curtains available in a range of styles, tailor made to suit your requirements. You can even choose handmade cushions or upholstery fabric to complete your design and bring a room together. Take a look at our fabric finder to find the perfect design or contact us on 01924 728 753, use our online contact form, email or even visit our warehouse.


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