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How to measure made to measure curtains?

Made to measure curtains bring a unique design to a room setting and you can tell the quality.

How to measure made to measure curtains, Yorkshire Fabric Shop guide.

These curtains give you the chance to achieve whatever style you want.

Made to measure curtains are more expensive than regular curtains since they are made with accuracy and care. Instead of picking one type of fabric for the whole curtain, you have the freedom to choose two or more types of fabric to pull off a certain style.

Although made to measure curtains cost more, it will absolutely last for years as they are made with expert and careful craftsmanship.

If you have decided to buy a made to measure curtain, knowing the correct size is important. Follow these steps to learn how to measure made-to-measure curtains.

Getting the right measurement for made to measure curtains

Measure the width and length of the pole and curtain.

1. Determine the width

In most cases, ready-made curtains have these widths: 117cm (46 inches), 168cm (66 inches) or 228cm (90 inches). To get the right measurement, measure the width of the curtain track or pole and not the width of the window.

For a curtain pole, you can get the width by measuring the width of the pole between any end caps. On the other hand, you can have the width of a standard curtain track by getting the full width of the track.

The curtain track or pole must be hanged between 15 cm (6 inches) above the window and 15 cm to 20 cm (6 to 8 inches) wider for both sides.

2. Choose a heading

There are two common headings for curtains: eyelet and pleated.

Eyelet headings have large metal rings placed on the top of the curtain. The curtain pole is threaded through these rings which give long and uniform folds to the curtain.

Pencil pleat uses strings to assemble the curtain’s top into tight folds which give a classic look.

Goblet pleat is perfect in rooms with high ceilings. It creates a wine glass shape. This heading uses a rope to hold the fabric away from the window.

After deciding what heading you want, hang your curtain track or pole before measuring the curtains.

We did a small guide on Which curtain heading style should I choose, which is a great read and source of guidance.

3. Measure the curtain length

Curtain lengths come in different forms: above sill, below sill and floor length.

Above sill length curtains must sit 1 cm above the window sill while below sill curtains need to reach 15 cm (6 inches) below the sill. Floor length curtains must extend 1 cm above the floor. In some cases, people prefer longer floor length curtains to create a lavish effect on the floor.

Curtains with eyelets are measured from the top of the pole. For a pencil pleat, you can measure the curtain either from the top of the track or bottom of the pole’s rings.

Made to measure curtains elevate the style of your room. Perfectly fit curtains can bring a tremendous difference in the overall appearance of any area. These curtains also bring a lot of options in terms of design, fabric type and colour. For accurate results, measure everything at least twice. A few centimetres can make a huge difference.

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