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How to measure curtains for bay windows

Coming into your homes with the sight of sweet nature is mesmerising. You get to see the outside world through your windows in the comfort of your own home. Windows seem like an entry to a new world, making you relax even more than watching your favourite TV show. When windows are the sight of comfort, one thing you need to consider is to try out different window styles for you to have a more creative and comfortable home.

Maybe you are sore of having the same flat window in your homes. It may look so ordinary that you could not seem to like it anymore. Yet, there are other window styles that you can try in your homes to get a cozy and more lively effect to your interiors - just like bay windows.

Curtain fabric choices for living rooms

For starters, bay windows are very much common with houses found by the seaside. From the root word "bay", it shows the beauty of the sea and gives you a wide preview of the colours of the ocean, and even the twilight when the day is about to end. Bay windows are now widely considered these days, as it also lets sunlight come into your homes, making way for you to save much on fluorescent light consumption during sunny days. Moreover, bay windows are also good at maximising the space of your living rooms, providing you with a space for sitting or even placing your books or decorative ornaments for a creative-looking home.

However, when you still want some privacy on some days, you can add curtains to your bay windows. Curtains can control light, and even provides homeowners with a creative covering so they can feel secured, especially during nighttime. Yet, if you are thinking of purchasing curtains for your bay windows now, you still need to consider some things so you can get the right measurement of your bay window curtains for an efficient and perfect amount of curtain fabric to cover your windows up. With a special window character such as your bay window, how do you correctly measure the right amount of fabric to purchase?

Curtain fabric choices for living rooms and bay windows

Unlike the usual flat window, bay windows have curved sides. Thus, it is not right to just measure it like how you measure your usual windows. With this, bay windows may need more additional curtain fabric than the usual ones, as it is angled and you might get short of your window fabrics. In measuring the perfect bay window curtain, you must need a steel type of tape measure.

1. There are different types of bay windows; the boxed, octagonal, hexagonal, and triangled types. For most bay windows, there can be 3 panels at a minimum. One thing you need to remember is to count all the panels, before measuring them one by one.
2. When you have identified each side of your bay window, it is now time to start measuring. First, you need to identify where the centre part is and start measuring its width. When you get to measure it, add at least 1 or 2 inches on each side so you won't fall short with your fabric width.
3. After measuring the centre, you can now proceed with measuring the width of both the side windows. Again, add another 1 or 2 inches for each side.
4. Now let's proceed with the curtain length. Some want it to go from the top of the curtain pole to the floor but others may want to have fabrics just about the length of the windows. Take your tape measure and have it measured according to the curtain length that you want. Just remember to start from the pole down to the desired portion where you want your fabric to end.

 fabric selection for curtains at the Yorkshire Fabric Shop

Now you're good to go with purchasing your curtain fabrics.

On another note, it is also recommended to purchase 2 curtains for the centre part of your bay windows. It is best to have it so the curtain would not just stay at one side of the bay window by the time you want to unravel it. You can divide your measurement by 2 so you won't have to spend more in purchasing more curtain fabrics. For both sides of your bay windows, you can purchase just one curtain as it does not look odd, especially when you can just slide it on the rightmost and leftmost side of your windows.

Choosing the right fabrics for your bay windows

If you want to have something that is more functional for your bay windows, we recommend that you try out thick fabrics like velvet, chenille, polyester, or linen. Because your bay windows can let so much light from coming in, you need not purchase lightweight fabrics. Thick and heavy fabrics control more light from coming in and will provide you with much privacy as your bay windows often are very wide, making you more visible from the outside. If you still want the light to come into your homes, you can just slide the curtain fabrics from any part of your bay windows so you can have a dose of your daily sunshine. What's more is that thick fabrics can also control heat from coming in, giving you more flexibility and control over your bay windows during the day. 

fabric choices for curtaining at home

The Yorkshire Fabric Shop has all the heavy fabrics that you need for your bay windows. You can have your curtains readily available so you won't have to worry about the waiting time just to get the perfect curtain fabric that you desire. Moreover, the shop also caters made to measure curtains, so you'll always have the perfect cut and measurement for your bay window curtains and you don’t need to worry anymore about having it cut on your own. We also sell a wide variety of fabric colours and designs for a more personalised look for your bay windows to add a more creative interior to your homes.

Get your bay window curtains perfectly measured and delivered right at your doorstep for a more convenient fabric shopping!

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