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How to measure curtains?

The traditional perspective for curtains as a standard display in every home has changed in the present time. For different purposes, such as blocking the light and providing comfort curtains are more available not just in their various designs and colours. And with this measuring them is not just about its length, width, and other dimensions. As you choose your curtain's final design, the Yorkshire Fabric Shop explains how to get the most of every drape by the following tips in measuring them correctly.

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Identify where to mount the curtains.

One of the considerations in getting the curtain's right measurement is whether it will be mounted inside or outside the window frame.

Outside the window frame - This is a more standard style in placing the curtains. Here, its rod is secured outside the window frame. If you want a more extensive window look, block the lights outside, and achieve a more luxurious look placing the curtain should be done. The inside mount creates a more stream-like look since its rod is secured inside the window frame. It may not achieve the full coverage, unlike in mount, but curtains placed in this way can provide the privacy you need.

Determine the length of the rod.

In measuring the width of the curtains, measure the length of the curtain rod first. Curtain rods usually measure 3 to 6 inches past the window frame. The rod's size is based if it is above, below or inside the mount.

Inside the trim mount, from these stream-like window treatments, the curtains must be as wide as the window's interior. If you prefer a more gathered look, a slightly wider curtain can be done.

Below the trim mount- For this, look for a rod that reaches at least 3 to 5 inches beyond the window's width area for a fuller look.

Above the trim mount- For this option, window rods are typically placed about 6-12 inches above the window frame. It can even be extended up to 20 inches for a more elongated look. The higher and broader the window rod is placed, the larger the window will look like.

Measure the curtain's length.

The interior design and style will also determine the curtain's length. There are three ways to hang curtains and this is where the length can be measured. It can be 1 centimetre above the windowsill, 15 centimetres below the windowsill, and 1 centimetre above the floor length.

Measure the width of the curtain.

Now is the time to determine its width dimension. Most of the time the width is 1 ½ to 3 times the window's width. But this depends on the fullness look you prefer to have. Furthermore, if the curtains come out in pairs, double the width of the curtain panel. To compare its full size for estimation, you can use a blanket or tablecloth.

Measure the length of the curtain.

Both of the window treatments and valances are typically measured width by the length. Meanwhile, the curtain's length depends on how it should be hanged and the preferred look. Using a measuring tape, start computing from the top of the window frame down to the desired length.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop Guide On How To Measure For Curtains

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