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How To Introduce Stripes Into Your Homes

Stripes are making a comeback!

A pattern that can often divide opinion, stripes are making a big statement in interiors in 2023, with a wide range of colours, fabrics and patterns now available. If you’re looking to effortlessly create a big impact in your home, then Striped fabric could be the answer.

With many types of stripes available, it can be overwhelming knowing which is right for you, so to help you, we have created a guide on how you can effortlessly incorporate beautiful striped patterns into your home.

How To Introduce Stripes Into Your Homes

Image Credit - Harvey Norman


Understanding The Different Types Of Stripe Pattern

The Classic Stripe - This type of stripe can consist of narrow, medium and thick bands of stripes against a contrasting background. This type of stripe will have a repetitive pattern repeat but are the most adaptable and work well in any space. A bonus to this type of stripe is that it is always in fashion!

Explore our Ayon Classic Striped Collection.


The Pinstripe - Pinstripe patterns consist of very thin lines that are often in close proximity to one another. This type of stripe is often associated with suits and their smartness and therefore is a more popular choice for formal rooms. Think of using this pattern in an office or even a hallway, depending on what type of feel you are trying to create for newcomers.

View our Pandora Collection Here.


Multi-Stripe - Multi-stripe patterns include lines of varying thicknesses and a varying repeat. This type of stripe is often used in infant or young children's bedrooms due to its fun personality. We recommend a multicoloured design to add an element of fun to your children's rooms!

Take a look at our Luther Collection for inspiration.


Alternative Stripe - For a stronger statement in a room we recommend using a type of alternative stripe! This type of stripe is a modern take of a classic and uses different tones, materials and can include chevrons, brushstrokes and other patterns within, creating a new and exciting pattern. We are loving the look of an alternative stripe in a dynamic lounge or conservatory!

Our Persia Aztec Collection is the perfect collection to embody the alternate stripe, check it out.


3 Easy Ways To Incorporate Stripes Into Your Home

If you are looking to embody this trend but aren’t sure on what additions to make to your interior, these easy tips may be perfect for you.


Redress Your Windows

With Spring in full swing and Summer just around the corner, what better time than to re-dress your windows? We are loving the look of our Ayon CTR-1271 fabric made up as a beautiful curtain this Spring. A gorgeous cream weave fabric with a subtle shine of gold running through its stripes. This curtain looks especially gorgeous dressing a large window that attracts lots of light!

Click here to measure for your new Ayon striped curtains!


Add Sumptuous Throw Cushions

One of the easiest ways to add a pattern to your home is by adding throw cushions and pillows. Cushions are the most versatile piece of furnishing as you can move them around and pair them with many other fabrics depending on your taste and style! And as mentioned above, Stripes don’t have to be boring. Our beautiful JO-1215 fabric as a handmade cushion is perfect for subtly adding a hint of stripes into your home. 

How To Introduce Stripes Into Your Homes Cushion

Incorporate Statement Accent Chairs

Want to make a big impact? Statement chairs are perfect for showing off your personality through your furniture. Our Jollie Accent Chair is a beautiful and bold striped armchair that will add a dynamic splash of pattern to your interior.

Click here to see this beautiful chair up close.

How To Introduce Stripes Into Your Homes Accent Chair

We hope we have shown you how versatile striped patterns can be.

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