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How to clean curtains from mould?

Moulds are some of the common problems we are facing in warm and moist areas like windows. Because of the condensation that occurs in windows, these fungi are evident even in the curtains. Unfortunately, these aren't just harmful to our homes, but most significantly, to our health. That is why it is essential to know how to prevent its presence in our curtains. 

Mould Curtains How To Clean

Cleaning Ways to Clean our Curtains from the Presence of Mould 

Since moulds are our curtain's number one enemy, we must regularly clean and change our curtains to prevent it from spreading. Some curtain owners typically rely on professional cleaners to do the job. Still, curtain fabric professionals from The Yorkshire Fabric Shop enumerates some practical steps that we can do to get rid of these fungi. 

Cleaning Step 1: Cleanse using a hard bristle brush. For the first step, you need a stiff bristle brush to scrub the mould on our curtains. Before doing this, though, be sure that you are outside the house. This is to prevent the mould from invading other areas of our homes. 

Cleaning Step 2: Put some stain remover. Once that you already scrub the moulds, apply a stain remover to the affected part of the curtain. If you prefer to use a natural stain remover, you can combine one-part bleach to four parts of water and put it in a spray bottle. Spritz some of this solution to the curtain. In spraying, make sure that this is not that near to the curtain so that you can avoid staining the curtain fabric. Let the solution settled on the material. 

Cleaning Step 3: You can now machine wash the curtain. Afterwards, you can now machine wash your mould-free curtain. Ensure that you wash the curtains at low temperatures, preferably 40 degrees or even lower. Also, you can use a strong detergent and fabric softener in cleaning them. Also, consider pouring small amounts of baking soda while washing. This is to make sure that it also does not vanish the spores of the mould, but the unpleasant odour the curtain has as well. 

Cleaning Step 4: The mould-free curtains can now be hanged to dry. Do not commit the sin of putting your clean curtains to the dryer. Instead, let the wind and the sunlight do its job of drying these fabrics. Allow the natural environment to dry and freshen the curtains also to get rid of the remaining mould spores. 

Preventive Ways to Get Rid of Moulds in the Curtains 

Besides the tips above, the Yorkshire Fabric Shop encourages us to do the following to prevent moulds be our curtain's "uninvited guests". 

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- If it's possible, invest in a humidifier. This can help to clean the humid inside our homes for about 30-50 per cent. 
- Never put wet things like shoes and clothing inside our home premises. - Get rid of our habit of drying the clothes inside our homes. 
- Always ventilate your home by allowing the natural air to enter our homes to prevent the mould build-up. 
- Ensure that your window coverings are made from the best of quality materials. Curtains fabrics from The Yorkshire Fabric Shop are guaranteed to help your homes maintain its natural temperature and in preventing condensation inside. 
- Set aside time to clean windows and its coverings regularly.


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