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How To: Choose The Perfect Pair Of Curtains

With so many design options on the market it can be difficult to decide with curtains to choose, even when you have decided on a style the choices don’t end. Do you line them, which fabric do you choose and in what colour? The whole process can be quite overwhelming but don’t worry, Yorkshire Fabric Shop are on-hand to provide guidance to help you make the right decision.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop How To Choose The Perfect Pair Of Curtains

Function before style

Thinking about the desired function of your curtains will help you to narrow down your options. If you want your curtains to provide a bit of privacy or complete darkness then lined curtains would be best. If your curtains will be purely decorative or you are not bothered by light coming in to the room then unlined curtains will do the job.

Lined curtains have other benefits too; the lining protects the fabric from sun damage, which means your curtains last longer. They also add weight to your curtains making them feel more luxurious, they also reduce any draughts.

Choice of fabric

Textured fabrics can really affect the mood of a room. If you want a formal room then heavy silk or velvet can give a feel of luxury whereas light linen or crushed velvet make a room feel more relaxed and casual. Cotton is a really versatile fabric and can work well in any room.

The colour of your curtains can showcase your personality. Decide if you want them to blend in with your decor or if you want them to be the focal point of your room. If you choose unlined curtains for a sunny window then remember that the colour will infuse into the room. Read more about choosing the right colours in our blog, here.

The next choice that you need to make is patterns or no patterns. A good, basic rule to follow is if your furniture is patterned, or you have elaborate bed sheets or rugs then it is best to choose a solid colour for your curtains. Alternatively, if you have solid coloured furnishings then opt for a patterned curtain to add a touch of energy.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop How To Choose The Perfect Pair Of Curtains

Length and width

Full length curtains just graze the floor; they can open and close with no obstruction, great if they are opened and closed a lot as they’ll easily fall into place. An alternative to full length curtains are curtains that sit on the windowsill, perfect for kitchens and bathrooms where full length curtains are not suitable. Draped curtains are slightly longer than the floor and look more luxurious than full length ones but sometimes don’t look as neat. Pooled curtains are significantly longer than the floor, in fact can be as long as you wish. Pooling can give a room a romantic feel but can be high-maintenance.

Choice of heading

The top of the curtain, known as the heading, can help to define the overall appearance of a room. A simple heading, where the curtains attach to the rod with rings or hooks are great if they are going to be used a lot as they are easy to slide back and forth. A rod-pocket holding creates a relaxed, gathered effect superb for decorative curtains that aren’t going to be moved a lot. Pleated headings give a more formal look and tab-tops can bring a more feminine edge to a room.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop How To Choose The Perfect Pair Of Curtains

To Tie-back or not

The final choice you have to make is if you want to add tie-backs or not. A tie-back can create a more formal look and can be a good way to frame a stunning view. You can choose simple, matching tie-backs or grander rope tie-backs with tassels.

At Yorkshire Fabric Shop, we have a fantastic range of unique fabrics that can be used for our made-to-measure curtains. On your visit to our warehouse, our professional team will spend time with you to find the perfect fabric to suit your style. We understand how important your fabric choice will be to the appearance of your room. Use our fabric finder to search our range. Contact us on 0191 728 753, use our contact form or email to discuss your requirements.


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