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How much fabric do I need for curtains?

Curtains are the fastest way to achieve a more polished room or area. Regardless if you plan to avail made-to-measure or ready-made curtains, knowing the right amount of fabric you will need is the primary step. Once you know how long you need, especially by measuring your window, other details like the colour and design will follow. 

Curtains Decide On How Many Metres You Need

The Yorkshire Fabric Shop, a leading curtain fabric store in the UK, shares some of the things you have to consider in knowing the amount of fabric you'll need for curtains.

Tips in Calculating the Amount of Fabric for Curtains 

  • Make sure to make accurate measurements.

The needed curtain fabrics will vary on the size of your windows. And since they come in different styles and sizes, there is no such thing as a standard measurement for windows and curtains too.To make sure you'll get the correct measurements, use a metal tape measure. Failing to exert efforts in getting the right dimensions can compromise your curtain fabrics. You will probably end up with something longer, shorter, or wider from what you need. 

  • Measuring the height of the window.

Calculating this depends on the type of window you have. Usually, you have to start measuring from the curtain rod up to how long you want for your curtain. This step applies to grommet or casement curtains. Meanwhile, if you want clipped-in curtains, start measuring from the middle part of the curtain rod where there is only a slight difference from the curtain rod's topmost part. 

  • Measuring the width of the window.

This is typically done by measuring one side of the curtain rod to the other side. If it is inside the mount, the measurement should be inside the window frame. Meanwhile, if it's an outside mount, the total width is at least as how wide the window trim's outer portion is. But it can be wider, and this depends on how the rods are installed. 

  • Determining the total number of panels.

 If you have a not-so-wide window, two-panel is more practical and pleasing to look, especially in covering the entire window, instead of using one but a larger or wider one. To get the correct measurement for two panels, divide the total calculated width to two. 

  • Adding extra fabrics needed for other curtain parts.

Your preferred curtains should not start and end with your calculated measurements only. Do not forget that other parts like the hems and headers have to be considered. So, take some extra fabrics for your preferred curtain decorations and styles. 

For decorations on the header, double the header's length to the final fabric length. For some hemming in the curtain fabric, the hem's length should be four times the height and width needed for the curtain. 

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Knowing the right amount of fabrics is indeed very challenging for lots of homeowners. For more ideas and guidance in having the best curtain fabrics, The Yorkshire Fabric Shop is the store to visit and check out.


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