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How Long Should A Door Curtain Be?

Curtains have been part of our houses for a long time. They are prominently seen in almost all household rooms, and even doors as well. As it makes our homes come to life, it is with utmost importance to  know how to maximise their use. As efficient as it seems, homeowners tend to look at curtains as just pieces of cloth. However, we must also know how to decorate well so that we can achieve our curtain's full potential.

You can't just mix out curtains just because you feel like doing it. You should also take note of the colours, style, and size of your curtains to make sure it's the most appropriate amount of fabric for our homes; you don't want to waste your money on some fabric that does not fit well with your doors and windows, so it's best to be meticulous about it. 

Some might think that curtains should always reach down the ground, and others may say that it's okay to be a few inches shorter. Nevertheless, homeowners tend to choose something longer, as they deem it's more formal and fancier. Yet, when it comes to choosing the right curtain size for your door, it's a different story. It's still important to consider every aspect of style and function so you'll be able to use the right amount of fabric for your door curtains.


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There are countless types and designs of doors out there. Some with full coverage wood, some with glass, and some modern houses are now having sliding doors. When you have different door types, you must make sure to use the right curtain size so your fabrics would not look awkward and wasted.

For those having a door with a clear glass on the upper side only, you can try having door curtains that are 4-6 inches long and 2-4 inches wider than that of the glass size. You may think that the curtain is short, but it's actually best for this kind of door type. With the short fabric, you'll still have privacy as it can cover the transparent side of the door, while also maintaining its whole structure. This is also great for those who want to save up on the fabrics for other necessary purposes.

If you have a full coverage glass door, you might want to try getting long fabrics. Full coverage glass and sliding doors tend to be very transparent, and it may not cover you from too much sunlight, plus the privacy is not its purpose. When you have this kind of door, you may want to purchase curtain fabrics that are long enough to cover the door from top to bottom. Try purchasing fabrics that are 4-6 inches long and 2-4 inches wider. The longer your door curtain is, the softer it can produce light from the outside during the day. You might be surprised how the curtain colours glow on a sunny day!

Others would also like to try giving their wooden doors a touch of the curtain for an added sophistication to their homes. If you have a door that doesn't have a glass or is fully covered, you can still add curtains to it. For this, you may need long curtain fabrics, but they must be at least 4 inches above the ground. The allowance of space from the ground to the curtain is necessary for the curtain to not get stuck below the door when opened. The space allows your curtains to move freely and unbothered when the door is opened or closed at any time of the day.

If ever you want to skip doors, you can try using curtain fabrics as an alternative. We may have a doorstep in our homes but no installed doors, well you may try buying long and thick fabrics for a door substitute. No need to install screws and doorknobs, just a rod and a hanging curtain fabric should suffice!


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Your door curtain fabrics also need to be well-thought-of for your drapes to look great when installed. Basically, all curtains are good, yet you just need to find the best for the right purpose.

If you want to achieve an elegant look for your doors, try getting thick fabrics like velvet. The thick fabric and textured weave of velvet get into the sleek and formal interior of your homes. Velvet fabrics are recommended mostly for long doors or those that are glass-covered sliding ones. Velvet fabrics can cover light very well and are also good at blocking hot temperatures from coming into your rooms. It also assists in maintaining your room's temperature, so you'll be able to save as much electricity as you can. 

If you want to have a bright room, try using cotton fabrics for a light and airy feel. Doors with glasses may be too bright, so you can try cotton fabrics for just the right amount of light. You can mix and match it with other thin fabrics as well for a layered door curtain all day. Cotton fabrics are even easier to clean as they are usually lightweight. 

You can always try to mix and match curtains with your door so you'll end up with something right for your preference. Try playing with colours and patterns so you'll know the best fabrics for your door curtain. You may also want to try fabrics with different patterns, weaves, and textures. Surely you'll never get tired of looking at your door curtains.

Your home is a place where you can relax and enjoy quiet and peace. Thus, it's a great idea to decorate it as much as you can for you to feel the calmness and serenity inside the four corners of your home. Consequently, curtains play a big part in giving your room the best look. It's best to invest in them to achieve the most enticing home that you have always wanted. Experiment with colours, patterns, and details; your home should look great, so why deprive the beauty your curtains can bring?


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