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How do you match a fabric pattern repeat?

Fabrics come in different designs and patterns. Sometimes, patterns can be stripes, lines, or images. As you can notice, there’s a logic in every fabric patterns. That logic is called ‘fabric pattern repeat’ in the world of fabrics.

Repeat can happen vertically and horizontally. The pattern goes on and on for the entire fabric.

Knowing the pattern repeat is essential in joining patterned fabrics. When creating curtains with patterned fabrics, you have to join the material at the same starting point in the pattern.

Pattern Repeat For Curtain Fabric

Start measuring from the selvedge down to the length of the fabric where a similar point on the pattern shows. Doing this indicates where the pattern repeat is. There are times that the pattern repeat is obvious, but sometimes, you might find a hard time looking for it.

After knowing where the pattern repeat is and the right measurement, you can now determine the amount of fabric you need.


Here are the materials you’ll need:

• Chalk pencil
• Pins and safety pins
• Scissors
• Patterned fabric
• Tape measure
• Sewing machine


Follow these steps in cutting out:
1. Lay the fabric with the pattern at the top on a flat surface.
2. Get the measurement of the length in the selvedge and put a pin.
3. Measure the specific number of repeats then mark them using a pin.
4. Cut the fabric at correct angles from each mark to the selvedge. After cutting the length, put a pin on the right side from the top. Doing this ensures that the lengths will be put together the correct way.
5. If you need a half-width of fabric, turn up one length in half then press.
6. Open out the fabric then cut across the fold. Mark every half-width at the correct top side.

In stitching the widths, follow these steps:
1. On a flat surface, put one cut length showing the right side.
2. Put a second cut length with the opposite side. Connect the top edges and the selvedges.
3. Fold back the allowance in the seam to the length of the upper piece of fabric. Press the fold.
4. Adjust until the pattern connects at the fold.
5. Let go of the folded edge and pin the fabric together.
6. Check if the pattern is matched.
7. Use a sewing machine to stitch the fold.
8. Repeat until the specific widths have been linked together. Put an extra half-width at the outside part of the curtains but always link them at the selvedge.
9. Remove excess fabric if necessary.

Now that you know how to match the fabric patterns make sure that you have the best fabric. Doing this project allows you to have the freedom of creating your curtains. Yet, if you want to have the best quality, it’s best to seek the help of experts. They can match fabric repeats better.

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