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How do you join two curtains without sewing?

In joining curtains, many of you think that having a sewing machine is necessary. However, what if you don’t have a sewing machine and you don’t know how to use one?

Well, combining curtains using other methods is possible. Even if you don’t use a sewing machine, you can still create elegant and modern curtains.

This might be the first time you heard that you could join curtains without sewing them.

A great imagination, proper tools, and enough knowledge are the only things you need in doing this project. Another good thing about this is that the materials required are cheap and easy to use.

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Here are the materials you’ll need:
• Fabric
• Fusible tape
• Scissors
• Iron

What are the Steps in Joining Two Curtains Without Sewing?
With these easy steps, you can start joining or creating your curtains without using a sewing machine.

Step 1
Get the measurements of your window. After this, lay the fabric on a flat surface and measure it. Cut your desired length but leave an extra two to four inches for the curtain pocket. For the hem, leave an additional two to six inches.

Step 2
Place the fabric on the ironing board. Put the tape two to four inches from the top part of the material. Fold the remaining fabric on the top of the tape and hold it. Doing this will create the rod pocket. Start ironing the fabric so that the tape sticks to the fabric. If you want a crease-free seam, start ironing from side to side.

Step 3
Iron the tape several times to ensure that it’s attached to the fabric. Adding a hem is also a good idea. 

That’s it! You can now hang your no-sew curtains.

Using tape and other simple tools, you can create curtains even without sewing. It’s easy to do.

This is a great time to discover your creativity and skill. With the right material, tool, and mindset, you can have the most unique curtain. Also, you’ll have fun making the no-sew curtains.

To make the experience more enjoyable, try to involve your family and friends. Creating your curtains with them is an experience worth having.

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