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How do you fix a burnt mark on velvet fabric?

Velvet is a luxurious fabric which is used for upholstery, clothing, and interior design. Velvet needs special attention to maintain its rich feel and look.

This fabric material has a raised surface which is called ‘pile.’ Because of this, velvet must be hand-washed or dry-cleaned.

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Picking velvet furniture is choosing to tell a brave message in your space- its soft shine, rich colour, and inherent elegance can’t be ignored. The commanding nature of velvet, however, also suggests that any discolouration or stains are far more evident.

It's true that once the light hits your velvet furniture, the dirt, dust, and burn marks are exposed.

If your velvet fabric has burn marks, don’t despair. The Yorkshire Fabric Shop gives you steps on how you can fix your precious fabric.

How can you repair burnt velvet?
From cigarette to candles, burn stains can come from any items that have a fire. The stains can be difficult to remove.

Take note that if these methods don’t work, have the fabric leaned professionally.

Step 1
Mix vinegar and water in the spray bottle.

Step 2
Spray the solution to your fabric lightly. Don’t spritz the fabric directly to avoid stains.

Step 3
Gently brush the scorch mark. To maintain the velvet’s pile or nap, brush it with the grain. Don’t brush too hard.

Step 4
Put your spot-cleaned material into the washing machine. Apply a rust remover that’s suitable for velvet fabrics. Review the label for cleaning instructions. Most removers are safe to use on colourfast and white fabrics.

Step 5
Follow the remover’s instructions and wash your fabric on a delicate setting.

Step 6
Remove your velvet from the washing machine. To realign the pile, brush your fabric using the clothing brush.

Step 7
Place the velvet on a towel to dry. Don’t use your dryer since it can ruin the fabric. Check if you have to do further cleaning. To achieve best results, bring your fabric to dry cleaning professionals.

If the steps mentioned above didn’t work, you could try the lemon juice technique.

Cover the scorch stain with lemon juice and put it under the sunlight. This creates a bleaching effect, but it can cause fading, so spot check first. If the velvet fabric has shiny spots that are often caused by ironing, those are spots where the piece melted. Melted fabric spots are irreparable.

Velvet can become flattened with unnecessary use or incorrect storage. It can be fixed through steaming its underside in different degrees depending on how big or small the damage is.

So just because it might have matted areas or flat spots, don’t feel distressed and throw out your velvet fabric. With some tips and tricks, your velvet fabric can look good as new.

This coming Christmas season, decorate your home using velvet fabrics. Its shiny and chic look can make your home alive and ready for the season. The Yorkshire Fabric Shop offers velvet fabrics in varying shades, styles, and price. Take a look at our website to see our products. We also deliver fabrics worldwide, so start browsing our amazing collection today.


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