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How do you drape fabric over a sofa?

If you love to take your things to the next level by redesigning them, such as the sofa or "couch" to our American readers, then we'll show you steps how to drape fabric over them.

You can pick whatever fabric you want from Yorkshire Fabric Shop, change it for a specific theme, or match the colour of your freshly painted walls. If you can imagine it, then you'll achieve it. But it is recommended to use heavier fabrics with some friction.

Before we dive into how to drape fabric over a couch, let’s talk about what are the things needed to start your work. Here are the things you need for you to start draping.

Draped Fabric Over A Leather Brown Sofa

Wide Fabric Strips 

There are many things to do, including this one, with wide fabric strips. To get your desired design, you can blend and match that fabric.

Safety Pins 

The sole purpose of the safety pins in drapery is to ensure you pin the fabric together. 

Fabric Circles 

To add a little drama in your design, you can use fabric circles with different colours, and design.

Throw Pillows & Blankets

It will add volume and aesthetic in your sofa. It can be on the arm, back (folded in thirds, off-centred), or draped on the sofa seat itself.

So how do you drape over a sofa after purchasing your drapery fabric from Yorkshire Fabric Shop's online store?

The most important thing to remember, depending on the weight of the fabric, is to discreetly pin the material to the sofa to hold it in place. Here are some of the things you can do to be able to drape the fabric over your sofa. 

● Hang down each cushion on the sofa backrest with a short, wide strip of fabric. Alternate the strip colours or use the same material for each one of them. 

● Seal one end of the strips to the top of the coiling with pins and tuck into the gap between the covers and the sitting.

● Insert in the bottom of the backrest the top of a fabric strip. Tighten the fabric tightly and flip the bottom of the seat cushion under the front. 

● Repeat the other sitting coils with each other. Once again, use a single material for alternative colours.

● Centre over the top of the sofa, a large circle of cloth, such that half of the circle is on the front and half falls down the back. Use this process for sofas located in the middle of the room with a flat top and a uniform backrest, so that people can see the semicircle in the back.

● Place smaller fabric circles centred around each armrest, half hanging from the outside of the sofa and half hanging from the inside of the sides. 

● Put a circle on each armrest for a geometric, modern look. Overlap three circles on each armrest for a more eclectic and funky look. For which possible, pin the circles to the sofa.

● Place a long piece of fabric over one of the sofa, over the seat, and the other arm at the back.

● Press the fabric down between the seat and the arms into the creases until the material is taut across the seat. Throw pillows into the corners between the arms and backrest in matching colours to help hold the fabric in place. It suits well with sofas with wooden metal arms. At either end, consider using a material with tassels, which will then hang down the outside of the sofa.

● In the winter, drape light, warm throw blankets over the back of one arm of the sofa, transforming the look from comfortable to elegant. Remove any other fabric that you have draped as decoration so that there is no conflict between the two designs.

For you to drape fabrics over a sofa, you can follow a lot of processes, but the process we consider the best are the ones we have mentioned. 

When you drape the fabric, one thing you might encounter is that you have to adjust it frequently to keep it looking neat. Overall, draping is a fun way to redecorate your interior at home. 


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