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How do I put up a curtain pole?

The curtain pole is the most essential part of your curtain. More than just a mere material, it is the skeleton of your curtain as it depicts how your curtains hang so it can drape off beautifully. Without the pole, a curtain would not be complete; it leads to curtains being draped and also defines how the curtain fabric flows from the top to the bottom of your window. 

For most people, they might think that the curtains are the only ones that add style to their window treatment. Yet, contrary to the popular belief, curtain poles must also be regarded with utmost importance so you can have a full window cover that can be creative too. Instead of thinking of the fabrics only, one thing you must consider is to purchase the most appropriate pole for your windows. Maybe you just know of steel poles, but there are actually a lot of pole designs to choose from and you might just get the most unique material that suits your every taste.

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Wooden polesWooden poles can be great for those who want a cozy atmosphere and interior for their window treatments. It does not conduct electricity, making it best for those who just want a relaxing and less striking pole for their curtains. Wooden poles are also much lighter than steel ones and can be bought cheaper, making them readily available in the market even for those on a tight budget. The greatest advantage about buying wooden poles is they can be painted, making you choose what colour or design you would want for a more beautiful curtain pole finish. You can have a match of two colours for your poles, so it can also be intricately artistic even though it does not shine at all.

Steel polesProbably the most common type of curtain pole found in the market today, steel poles are also sellable to homeowners. People highly regard it as it is strong and durable, making it best suitable for any fabric type whether heavy or lightweight. Steel materials can also be heavy or lightweight, and different types can let you choose whatever you like. Moreover, they provide a striking start for the curtains, making them look sophisticated, formal, and elegant for your interiors. Those who want a classy and rich-looking window treatment can opt to have steel poles, and they would not regret getting one for their curtains. 

How to measure the right pole for your windowCurtain poles must be meticulously measured as well. Purchasing the wrong pole length can lead to having too much pole or can end up shorter to cover all the parts of your windows. In choosing the right pole for the perfect window treatment, you must measure the window width correctly.

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The first thing you must do is to get a measuring tape to measure your window length from left to right. Instead of jotting down the exact measure, add at least one or two inches to both sides so you'll still have an allowance for your curtain finials. This is very important to have the right amount of pole, not too short and not too long so it would end up great for your curtain finish.

Installing your curtain poleYour poles cannot be put in place without the hooks. They are necessary to lock the poles in place from each side. In placing your hooks, you need to have a driller so you'll be able to screw it neatly and firmly. Just make sure to aim the drill two or three inches from the top, and another two or three inches from the width of your windows. This would place the pole the right distance so your curtain fabrics would not appear awkward-looking when it is finally hanged to your windows. By then, you can just simply put your poles in place without exerting any effort. 


Aside from the material and colour of your curtain poles, you must also be able to provide a creative touch to their ends. The pole will still turn out incomplete if you just let a pole be the skeleton, so it is good to also incorporate finials on them. Maybe you are not aware, but curtain finials are those decorative sphere-like accessories on the sides of your poles. Aside from it being able to stop and set limits to where your fabrics must stay, they can also be an added creativity to your poles too.

You can always choose to have finials that are spheres, or you may also find some that are patterned. You may mix and match your finials according to what you think best suits your poles so it would end up great. However, it must be considered that wooden finials match with wooden poles, whereas steel or diamond finials must be matched with steel ones. Do not choose contrasting poles and finials as it may turn out bad when the pole is finally placed.

The right fabrics for your poles

Poles can somehow be confusing as you may not know what fabric it matches. Yet, when you think of wooden poles, one recommendation would be to purchase fabrics that are lightweight and cozy. What this means is that wooden poles are good for households who want a fresh breeze of air, whereas steel and heavy poles are best matched with thick fabrics good for those who want to maintain temperatures in their homes. The best thing about poles is they can accompany what your curtains bring out, to produce a more decorative and well-thought window treatment that is mesmerizing on most days.

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Your curtain poles must also be of importance when thinking about the best window treatment. It is the skeleton of your curtains so it's also great to find the most durable one. Moreover, it is really easy to set up your curtain poles, and you can do it without even having a single sweat at all. Always make sure to measure the right amount of pole, as it defines how your curtains would look like for an improved interior at home.

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