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How Do I Make A Roman Blind With Blackout Lining

With the increasing temperatures brought by the summer heat, a homeowner may want to block out too much heat from coming into our homes. Of course, we would still want some sun in, but somehow if it is beyond enough, high temperatures can make our rooms a space of heat and sweat. In addition, too much sunlight can also damage our furniture as sunlight comes with UV rays that can affect the colours and composition of our house decors. Of course, we just want the best for our rooms; we want them to be protected so our furniture can last longer, and control the amount of sunlight in. 

Some people want to block out light. Others have even considered only having a window or two, so light can be contained. However, if you already have a house full of windows where the sun can pass through, the best and most used window treatments that you can find are your curtains. Curtains and blinds are indeed responsible for preventing unnecessary light which you can also control to just get enough light that you desire. Both are also good for insulation, as they can maintain the temperature inside, while preventing heat from the outside. More or less, curtains and blinds can be considered a necessity for every room, may it be in our houses or our offices.

Roman blind patterned fabric

Curtains are the most preferred window treatment among home depots nowadays. Yet, blinds are also great, without even bothering investing in a long fabric that could be damaged by a lot of dust and pets. Meanwhile, you can now opt for roman blinds which are as good as curtains. Roman blinds add up beauty to your homes; making them look fancy and classic at the same time. Even though roman blinds lay flat when fully covering the windows, it still gives a minimalist and iconic look to it. Moreover, it fully protects you from too much light while giving the privacy that you want even with just minimal fabrics. No need to have extra curtain fabrics anymore for a fantastic drape on your windows; Roman Blinds are your go-to window treatments to achieve a unique look apart from having curtains in your homes.

Roman Blinds

Roman blinds, as discussed, create a fancy look even when not purchasing long fabrics. Roman blinds only need to be fit enough for your windows, so you can skip having extra fabrics. With the innovations created with roman blinds, there is so much fabric to choose from; and if you're considering blocking out all of the light into your homes, you can choose blackout fabrics for a fully covered room.

Floral Patterned Roman  Blind Fabric from Yorkshire Fabric Shop

Benefits of Blackout Lining

If you want full coverage of your window to block out every inch of light during the day, you might want to choose blackout fabrics for your roman blinds. Blackout fabrics have a blackout lining to prevent 100% of sunlight and are good for homeowners who want a darker room even during a sunny day. While some may think of it as unnecessary, others want to purchase it as it has a lot of benefits to pose.

First, blackout linings on fabrics block out all light from getting in on your windows. The linings on the fabric give it an added pad and thickness to ensure that no unnecessary light comes in. Blackout fabrics are good for those who do not want an atmosphere that's too bright for their eyes. Secondly, you can ensure that your room will be noise-free with blackout linings. The mere fact that it's made thick gives it the power to tamper noise, so if you hang it on your curtains, you'll be hearing the minimal commotion from the busy streets. Aside from this, your blackout linings also maintain the temperature in your homes, regardless if it's hot or cold inside. Blackout fabrics can also help in giving a boundary between different temperatures; how great is that?

Make your Roman Blinds with Blackout Lining

Maybe you already have roman blinds in your homes that only need to be replaced with fabrics. It's great how blinds can be flexible, and you get to choose what fabrics you want to hang with them. In making your roman blinds with blackout lining, here are the steps that you can remember to create a sturdy finish and have your rooms fully light-proof:

You will need:

a. Measuring tape (ideally the steel type)

b. Scissors

c. Needle

d. A strong thread

e. Painters tape and double-sided tapes

f. A blackout fabric

nursery fabric design for Roman Blinds

Step 1

Roll the blind on a flat surface and measure the width of the blind. Once the measuring is done, subtract about 1/2 inch of the full width measurement for the fabric to fit perfectly. Also measure the length of the blind, from the headrail to the bottom of the hem. 

Step 2

You need to cut out the fabrics already. Now you need to add 2 inches for the blind width and length, so you'll have fabric allowance for the hem of the fabric. Make sure to draw a straight line using a pencil, so you'll be able to cut it perfectly straight.

Step 3

There are 2 sides of the blackout fabric; the rough and the smooth side. The rough side must face your windows, while the smooth one must face the interior of your home. Fold the edges to about an inch on the outside, and half an inch on the inside. Now you can sew the fabric in place.

Step 4 

Hand stitch through the blackout lining to the ring, and back to the right side of the blackout lining. Make two passes of the thread, to be able to hold the fabric with the hard surface of the blinds. This enables the stitches to hold the fabrics in place while allowing them to fold when the cords are being operated.

Step 5

The upper hem should be joined together. So it's time to use your double-sided or painter's tape for this process. Once the upper hems are strongly taped with each other, hang the blind freely.

Now you're all set. Make the best roman blinds with your blackout fabrics.

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