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How do I hang pencil pleat curtains?

Pencil pleat curtains are great if you want to have an added decoration to your window treatments. As complicated as they seem, pencil pleats are easy to hang which can provide nicer aesthetics and volume to your curtain fabrics. Pencil pleats make your curtains really neat and furnished, just like any other pleats incorporated with curtains.

The classic design of pencil pleat curtains gives a tight gather from the start which creates a cylindrical form from top to bottom. The formation of the curtain fabric resembles the shape of a pencil, and thus called pencil pleats. Moreover, pencil pleat curtains are one of the top choices of pleats, as it can either be used in poles and tracks.

Once you are able to pre-order or sew your pencil pleat curtain fabrics, how do you properly install it?

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For pencil pleat curtains, you need hooks for the pleats. The hook serves as the denominator on how many pencil pleats fold you can have for the curtain fabric. Also, you need to have rings where you can hang the hooks, so it would finally drape beautifully from your poles. The rings are needed so you'll be able to slide your curtains easily and hassle-free. You can skip the pole if you have installed tracks for your curtains.

For those who still do not know what curtain size to buy, you need to take note that your pole or your track is the basis for the right fabric size. Basically, you need to have at least twice the width of your pole and curtain track size, so it will add more volume to your curtain. If you ever get just the same size as your pole or track, your curtain would hang flat and boring when you try to cover your windows fully.

For starters, if you have a pole that's 40cm, you need to get a fabric that is 80cm in width. It is also recommended to buy two fabrics, 40cm on each side, so you can slide both curtains to each end when you want to let full sunlight come in. To be able to do this, get your measuring tape and start to measure the pole and track, not including the finials. Once you've successfully measured it, then you have got the perfect amount of fabric width for your window treatments.

There are a lot of fabric stores that offer a wide variety of colours and designs for pencil pleats. Once you have bought your desired curtain for it, you can start pulling the strings. Yes, pencil pleats have strings attached at the top of the curtains. What you only need to do is to pull the strings out to achieve the pencil pleat you desire for your curtains.

However, be careful with pulling the strings. For those who want two curtains for their window, it should be the right size for each side. Let's take the 40cm pole as an example; you’ve got an 80cm or more curtain fabric and each side should have at least 40cm width (pleats already compressed). Gather the pleats as much as possible so that it wouldn't get too compressed in one area only. Always have a measuring tape beside you so you can spread the folds evenly with just the right size. 

Once the pleats have been made, you need to tidy up the visible string on the ends. Twist all three cords together and slipknot it. Knotting the chords will assist in maintaining the pleats, so it would not slide off and ruin the compressed pleats. You can then hide the strings in the hole provided to make the curtains look neat. 

Also, it is best if you can have an even number of fold, so when you will be installing the hooks, you'll be able to have a uniform number of fold for each pleat.

If your pleats are ready, you can now add your hooks to your curtains. No need to make curtain pockets; they are usually provided already once you order pencil pleat curtains from fabric stores

There are 3 pockets provided on the top of the curtains, but mostly the top most pocket is used both for pole and tracks. You can count the fold on your fabrics, and divide it to how many hooks you want for your pencil pleat curtains. On average, each hook must have 5 pleats on it to add more structure to the curtains. However, it still depends on what you think looks best for your window treatments. 

Before attaching the rings to the pole, count how many hooks you have and it must be equal to the amount of rings needed. Now you can attach the hooks to your rings, and your pleat curtains are ready to go; slide from left to right and you'll be amazed how easily it follows how you want your curtains to be.

Pencil pleat curtains are a classic. Thus, it is best for homes with a classic, traditional, or a cabin-like interior as it perfectly matches the look of pencil pleats. However, you can still incorporate pencil pleats if you have a modern interior, but it's best to complement it with the curtain colour and design that is fit for your home.

If you want to have an elegant, classic, and cozy atmosphere for your window treatments, then pencil pleats might just fit your taste. You can still experiment on your curtains so you'll end up having a stylish look and additional art from the other room decorations.

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Some might think that pencil pleats are also very confusing and difficult to install. Yet, if you research and understand it more, the more you'll end up installing it in just minutes. Always look for tips and ways to properly install it, so you can achieve the best pencil pleat curtains anywhere at home. Remember the materials and the steps you can do, and of course never forget the measuring tape for your curtain fabrics to be adequate enough for your windows. 


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