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Get Your Interiors Ready For Winter

Not long ago we were sharing our tips for preparing your home for Autumn, but with Winter officially starting in less than a month, it’s time for us to share our tips to get your interiors ready for Winter! Winter is the season that divides most people, some people love it and others can’t stand the cold. One thing is certain, the beauty of winter interiors is that they can be used all year round. The main aim of Winter design is to add an element of cosiness and no matter what time of year it is, a cosy home is perfect for relaxing.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop Get Your Interiors Ready For Winter

Faux Fur

 One of the more obvious fabric choices for Winter. Faux fur is perfect for warm, cosy blankets or cuddling up on your sofa with large, soft faux fur cushions like our handmade Leopard print cushions. Experiment with patterns and textures to create an inviting, comfy design.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop Get Your Interiors Ready For Winter

Luxurious Colours 

Colour has a huge impact on the perceived temperature of a room, find out more about choosing the perfect colour here. Deeper colours usually exude warmth so opt for opulent deep reds, blues, purples and greens. Not only will your home feel warmer it will also feel more elegant.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop Get Your Interiors Ready For Winter


If you prefer a more neutral colour palette then silvers and golds can be used to add some warmth to your design. Winter is associated with sparkles, the twinkling Christmas lights and the frost on the ground. Replicate the sparkles using metallics, like our Lomasi Metallic Portuguese Medallion Pattern Designer Fabric.


Layering up is common Winter practice in both fashion and interior design. More layers equal more comfort nothing is more inviting than layers of throws, blankets and cushions! Use different textures and sizes to make the style more appealing, luckily our handmade cushions are available in a range of sizes.


Tartan fabric is the perfect choice for Winter. Associated with Scotland, a notoriously chilly part of the country, tartan is used around the home to bring an element of warmth and comfort. Whether you choose deep reds and oranges or opt for greys and creams, tartan will continue to be a great option for Winter interiors.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop Get Your Interiors Ready For Winter


While your choice of fabric can impact how warm/cool a room feels, you can opt to insulate your curtains. Windows are one of the main reasons for escaping heat, by choosing to insulate them you can make your room a lot cosier. Our made-to-measure curtains are available in a beautiful range of fabrics and with a choice of linings.

At Yorkshire Fabric Shop, we have thousands of beautiful and unique fabrics to suit any style. You can browse our collection online or visit our warehouse, we even offer free samples so you can be sure that you make the right decision. If you’re wanting to redecorate in time for Winter then contact Yorkshire Fabric Shop!


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