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Geometric patterned fabric for upholstery ?

Picking the right upholstery fabric can be a challenge with so many patterns, colours, and types of materials to choose from and it's never easy to blend the colours and patterns with space you already have. 

Geometric shapes are a choice to show motion, as it also suggests the idea of fluidity, so it can be used to accentuate any piece of furniture to create an impact on your space. The great thing about these is that they work perfectly with other elements.

Geometric Pattern Upholstery Velvet Material

Patterns provide directions and order, but some would feel it's chaotic. Researchers have found that understanding recurring patterns allows us to make educated guesses and assumptions, especially when we're resting; it helps us develop skills of critical thinking. 

A geometric pattern, on the other hand, is a pattern of any kind, formed with geometric shapes and typically repeated on different designs, but in one direction to observe a specific pattern. 

Then why do we need to consider geometric patterns for our spaces knowing that it can totally go wrong at any point when we accidentally and wrongfully combine it? A combination of patterns and colours in fabrics is very crucial, yet can be a very elegant and classy choice. 

Patterns that accentuate the geometry of any upholstered space works wonder in any space. Some examples of pieces with straight geometric lines or stripes may look broader and taller. As a leading store and fabric expert for years, The Yorkshire Fabric Shop shares five reasons why you should consider a geometric pattern for your upholstered fabrics on your furniture piece: 

Geometric patterns accentuate your dull space. 
Your furniture can feature crazy bold colour in the zigs and zags but offer a ton of personality in what is otherwise very neutral space. Your playful spin on the classic geometric pattern is made all the more fun with varying colours, especially if you have a neutral colour of walls and floors. 

Geometric patterns can be a trendsetter for your home.
Upholstered fabrics of sophisticated lines for an accent furniture piece is your best choice to create an impact on your space. Roman-inspired geometric patterns of fabric with a muted colour palette will surely bring out your classic taste. 

Geometric patterns don't always have to be modern.
Your furniture has something to say with your style, with the way you see comfort within your home. Bold geometric patterns don't have to be modern at all times, a retro geometric patterned fabric for your sofa will go well with a wooden floor to provide a powerful effect on your space. 

Uniform Geometric Pattern Fabric

Geometric patterns of fabrics can hide the dirt.
Yes, it's possible compared to solid-coloured fabrics of upholstered furniture, maintaining this kind of fabric may be easier if you have your playful kids and pets around, small dirt and stains can be a burden no more. 

A geometric pattern is worth the risk.
Mix and match of patterns and colours can be risky, as this may appear confusing and too much. But with the right blend of neutral colours with your solid-coloured upholstered geometric patterned piece, it's worth the risk for this sleek design. 


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