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Focus On Pattern – Tartan

Many people believe that tartan is only suitable for a certain style, but it is a versatile pattern that can complement many different types of homes. Customers may look at tartan and automatically think of the Scottish Highlands or kilts, but with a variety of colours and styles available, tartan is suited to many different styles.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop Blog About Tartan Patterns Fabric

Tartan is commonly made up of horizontal and vertical crisscrossed stripes and is possibly one of the most recognisable patterns in the world. Tartan has become so popular that it is available in a range of colours and brings an element of warmth and cosiness to a room. Contrary to what you may think, tartan mixes well with of colours of tartan so if you can’t decide then you don’t need to make a choice !

Yorkshire Fabric Shop Blog About Tartan Patterns Fabric

As with most trends, the simplest way to introduce tartan into your home is to use accents like blankets, rugs, curtains or handmade cushions. We love our Louise Tartan Design fabric cushions. If you’re feeling brave and looking got a more permanent tartan infusion, then a statement piece of furniture is a great way of embracing the look. An upholstered footstool is a great piece of furniture to start with, less overwhelming than a sofa but big enough to show off your tartan, find out how to upholster a stool in our how-to guide.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop Blog About Tartan Patterns Fabric

Tartan is timeless, which is why so many colours have been made available. At Yorkshire Fabric Shop we stock a fabulous range of unique tartan, whether you’re looking for a subtler tartan or a showstopper, we can help. We offer free samples so that you can be confident that the fabric you choose will suit the rest of your interiors. Visit our warehouse and browse our fabrics or use our simplefabric finder to find your perfect fabric.


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