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Focus On Pattern – Paisley

Contrary to what you may believe, Paisley did not originate in the small town of Paisley in Scotland, although it will have a significant influence on its history. It was in the 19th Century that Paisley began to heavily feature in fashion and design. The pattern itself has origins in India, Iran and the Kashmiri region. The droplet shaped pattern, known as Boteh or Butah, represented fertility and was woven onto silks and fine wools using silver and gold threads.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop Blog Focus On Patterns Paisley

Kashmir shawls became the fashion item of choice, but they were in short supply and sadly, very expensive. The European markets began to replicate and imitate them and sell them at a lower price. The shawls became so popular that manufacturers across Britain became inundated with orders, most notably in Paisley, Scotland. This is where the pattern was given its Anglo name.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop Blog Focus On Patterns Paisley

It was in the swinging 1960’s that Paisley reached its height of popularity, helped along by the Beatles. The bolder, brighter, psychedelic patterns became synonymous with a bohemian “hippy” lifestyle.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop Blog Focus On Patterns Paisley

In today’s design world, Paisley can lift the spirit of a room giving it a fun, vibrant feeling. Due to its popularity, Paisley is available in a range of colours, so if you’re looking for a subtler style, then neutral tones and larger designs are perfect for you.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop Blog Focus On Patterns Paisley

Paisley suits both modern and traditional interiors, which is why it is still a staple of interior design. Whether you opt for wallpaper, upholstered statement furniture or handmade cushions, Paisley will never be out of style. Our free samples make it easy to decorate around a print. Take your sample and match accessories to the colours of your Paisley sample. It can be easy to overwhelm a room, make sure that you incorporate some solid colours and accessories too.

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