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Focus on Pattern – Damask

It may not surprise you to know that Damask fabric is so named because of associations with Damascus. Damascus became a leading silk-weaving centre in the middle ages, but it was China where Damask fabric originated. Like Houndstooth, Damask fabric is traditionally woven not printed. Originally made with silk, it was popular amongst the wealthy, but today you can buy Damask wallpaper, fabric and even clothing!

Yorkshire Fabric Shop Focus On Pattern – Damask Patterned Fabrics

It was in China silk weavers created a luxurious, rich fabric of satin background and a rougher weave with the weft showing the design. Production of Damask fabric moved across Europe, with Italy producing the lion’s share of Damask until the 17th century when France and England began to weave Damask too. In England, silk was not readily available, and so wool and cotton became the textiles of choice, this meant that the fabric produced was a much more durable and affordable option than pure silk.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop Focus On Pattern – Damask Patterned Fabrics

Nowadays, the term “Damask” is used to describe a repetitive pattern of flowers or fruit rather than the rich, heavy fabric. The versatility of the pattern means that it can be used in any room of the home without looking out of place. The ornate nature of the pattern makes it the perfect fabric to add a feel of sophistication. The darker, richer colours are luxurious but can be overwhelming in a smaller space, to modernise the look then opt for lighter, non-traditional pastel tones or bright colours. It’s best to keep it simple when it comes to introducing Damask; you may choose to use a statement piece of furniture or add statement curtains. Whatever you choose, keep the use of Damask to a minimum. Too much will cheapen the look and make your home appear tacky.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop Focus On Pattern – Damask Patterned Fabrics

At Yorkshire Fabric Shop, we source unique fabrics from around the world so that we can suit your style. From dramatic Damask fabrics to abstract patterns, whether you’re looking for quality upholstery fabric, gorgeous handmade cushions or dramatic made-to-measure curtains, our expert team can find the perfect fabric for you. Visit our warehouse to browse our stock or order free samples online so that you can be sure you’re making the right decision. If you have any queries about our fabrics, then contact us on 01924 728 753 or email us at

Yorkshire Fabric Shop Focus On Pattern – Damask Patterned Fabrics


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