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Five Tricks For Styling Cushions & Pillows Like A Designer

Ever wondered how interior designers manage to get the perfect balance of beautiful bold and bright cushions in their homes?

The truth is, we all know which cushions we like, but knowing how to choose the correct ones for your space and how to arrange them when you get home is a bit trickier – and to be honest, it’s more of an art than a science.

So to give you a helping hand achieving that perfectly interior-designed look, we have answered the top questions we get received when it comes to styling cushions in your home.

Five Tricks For Styling Cushions & Pillows Like A Designer


What Size Cushions Should I Use?

Wanting to create a relaxed yet stylish interior? Mixing and matching different sized cushions can help to create a curated feel in any interior and will also add dimension when working with a blank canvas. The size of cushions you use are completely down to personal preference but our recommendation is to pair a combination of 22x22, 20x20, and a bolster cushion! By adding a range of cushions of different sizes and dimensions your interior will begin to look like it has been put together by an expert.


How Do I Mix Different Shades And Patterns?

Picking the right shades and patterns for your new cushions can often be the most difficult job. However, it doesn't have to be! Consider yourself to be putting an outfit together, would you pair purple and green? If your answer was no then you probably won't like them in your home either! Another big tip is considering the colour and pattern of your sofa, bed or chair. If you have a bright and large-scale print sofa a small-scale and neutral toned cushion might be a better fit. Less can often be more.


Decorative Or Practical?

A major factor that should be considered when purchasing new cushions should be the material used, however this can sometimes be overlooked or forgotten! For households with young children you should consider how often they will be interacting with your pillows. If your cushions are for the whole family to use you may want to avoid materials that have been treated with chemicals and instead choose a linen or cotton fabric that can be wiped down if necessary.

However, if your cushions are purely for show and decorative purposes only you may have more scope on which fabrics may be suitable. Just remember to dust and hoover your cushions regularly to keep them looking brand new!


How Do I Keep Up To Date With The Season's Trends?

Looking for a way to keep up with the season's trends without flipping your entire interior every three months? Well, adding an array of seasonal cushions may solve all of your problems! Adding a bright pop of yellow in spring and a gorgeous deep red in autumn can really help to create a different feel in an interior and is great for those who are wanting to keep up to date with the newest trends without breaking the bank!


How Many Cushions Are Too Many?

Unfortunately, there is no right or wrong answer! Our favourite arrangement for cushions and beds are 2 large cushions followed by two square cushions and a bolster cushion! However if you are looking for a more relaxed and less formal feel to your interior we recommend grouping your cushions to one side of your sofa for a more chic finish. Another top tip for you; work in odd numbers to create an unsymmetrical, natural finish to your interior. Three’s and five’s are often the most popular!

We hope this article has reignited your love for cushions and has given you some inspo for your next interior move! Looking for further inspiration? We have over 5000 cushions available on our website, take a look here.

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