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Yorkshire Fabric Shop Rainbow

Embrace The Outdoors And Bring Green Into Your Home

The colour green has long been associated with nature and has the ability to bring harmony and balance into your home. Used correctly green can either bring calm or tranquility or invigorate and refresh a room. With so many shades of green you can definitely make it suit your style.


In the kitchen

Green can bring much needed freshness and vibrancy to our kitchen. Bright, a lime green adds this vibrancy and is a great way to inject colour, whereas darker muted greens can suit both modern and traditional styles. Use green as an accent, on your kitchen curtains or with your kitchen accessories, if you’re feeling brave then you could even splash some green on the walls.

In the dining room

Family dinners or dinner parties should be peaceful events, green invokes a feeling of calm. You can further add to a relaxed ambience by teaming green with neutral tones or add some excitement with reds and oranges. Dining chair cushions are a great way of introducing colour subtly, whereas curtains can act as a focal point of the room.


In the living room

Green can work for the most formal or relaxed living rooms just change the shade. Darker greens are associated with a more formal style and lighter shades are used in more relaxed, shabby chic interiors. From an upholstered sofa, to made-to-measure curtains, or even the colours on the wall, the living room is a great room to show off your personality.

In the bedroom

Green is a perfect choice for bedrooms because of its calming and relaxing influence. If you are blessed with space in your bedroom then a dark green can make it feel more intimate, while lighter shades work will with neutral tones to bring a feeling of peace.


At Yorkshire Fabric Shop we love greens, the feeling of balance and harmony that green provides is great to come home to after a stressful day at work. We have a beautiful range of fabric, handmade cushions and made-to-measure curtains, if you want to take a look at any of our fabrics, use our simple fabric finder or visit our warehouse and experience our fabric first hand. Contact us on 01924 728 753, use our contact form or drop us an email at


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