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Does velvet attract dust?

Velvet is known for its luxuriously smooth texture that is warm to the touch. It is a crowd favourite amongst other upholstery fabrics like corduroy and chenille. Velvet truly stands out from the rest because of its lustre that can easily brighten up the house.

Velvet is not only good for furniture cover, but it is also great for ready made curtains or made to measure curtains. This fabric is strong; therefore, it can withstand long-term use. There are various kinds of velvet: some are shiny, while others are matte, and some are stretchable, while others are non-stretch. Also, velvet has a great drape that accents the shape of every furniture.

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While velvet has a bunch of great qualities, it also has a downside. It attracts almost every tiny particle: from dust to cracker crumbs, to pet and human hair. Besides, it is prone to stain and is sensitive to sunlight. However, with simple cleaning techniques, you can maintain the goodness of your velvet piece. After all, you can expect a luxury fabric to need your love and care from time to time.

Before you completely change your mind about buying velvets, remember that almost every fabric has its weak point. You can keep furniture in their best condition when you maintain the cleanliness of the house.

Velvet fabrics comes from different materials; the two major sources are natural fibre and synthetic fibre. Some velvets are made from cotton, silk, wool, and other natural fabric, while synthetic velvets are made from polyester, acetate, viscose, and nylon. Synthetic velvet is easier to maintain than natural ones.

Here are some simple cleaning tips for your velvet pieces:

• Check the wash care label. Before any cleaning, remember to read the instructions specific to the material so that you do not damage them.

• Use a vacuum or a soft brush. Daily vacuuming is safe for the fabric. Also, it is one of the easiest and most effective ways to clean velvet. Likewise, a brush can loosen and sweep the dust away.

• Try steaming. Because velvets are prone to stain, a handheld steamer can come in handy. The lowest heat setting can effectively clean the fabric. Just make sure not to stay on one spot for a long time to avoid damage. If you don’t have a steamer, you can use an iron with a steam setting.

• Use solvent-based cleaners. Water-free solvents get the job done and avoid colour fading.

If you prefer an effortless solution to dust and stain, you can seek the help of professional upholstery cleaners. They can cleanse and polish your pieces completely while maintaining its softness and colour.

Despite the little disadvantage, we can’t deny that velvet is a timeless fabric that will continue to be in-demand in the years to come.

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