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Do velvet material sofas fade?

Velvet is a high-style fabric that was once only appealing to the rich. It was considered costly, delicate, and high maintenance. However, velvet fabrics are very different now! Most of them are durable, affordable, and easy to clean. If properly cared for, they can last for years.

With its great sheen and drape that highlights every room, velvet is an excellent choice for upholstery fabric. It has a soft and smooth texture that is warm and comfortable. Plus, it has a rich and deep colour that creates a luxurious ambience. You can never go wrong with buying velvet furniture or reupholstering one.

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Do velvet sofas fade? Velvet fabrics do not fade easily. It would only do so if you expose it to direct sunlight. Hence, you can keep a velvet couch from fading if you avoid placing it near a big window. Also, there are different types of velvets, like cotton, chenille, and mohair. You can choose a fade-resistant type from the range of natural or synthetic fibres.

Synthetic velvet is the most resistant to fading, especially polyester. Polyester velvet hardly marks or crushes. Food or mud stains can be wiped off easily. Therefore, if you are buying furniture for heavy use or placing it by the window, you should consider polyester velvet.

Direct sunlight exposure does not only prompt fading; it also weakens fabrics. With that said, let’s take a look at other care tips to maintain the loveliness of a velvet couch.

1. Before any cleaning, it is crucial to take a look at the manufacturer’s care manual. This is to ensure that you are using the right cleaning materials for your upholstery fabric.

2. Consider applying protection treatment. There are various fabric sprays available in the market, like Scotchgard, Vectra, and Trinova. These add a protective layer to your velvet and prevent spills from becoming permanent stains.

3. Vacuum your couch weekly or use a soft brush to remove dust and hairs. A tune-up once every week helps keep the nap raised, restoring the fabric’s attractive appearance.

4. To bring back a velvet’s shine, use a steamer. Brushing and steaming in the same direction fluffs up the fibres and keeps the nap uniform. This technique refreshes the rich colour of the couch.

5. To prevent spills from settling on the fabric, dab it with a paper towel and blot it out with a warm, damp sponge.

6. Do not use harsh chemicals like bleach or detergents, as they could do more harm than good. They can fade the fabric or leave irreversible marks.

7. Seek professional cleaning annually. This is the best way to keep your velvet couch looking pristine. There are in-home upholstery cleaning services that are both convenient and quick.

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