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Different ways of cleaning velvet furniture

Velvet sofas can make a space beautiful and stylish. No wonder this furniture and fabric has become in demand over recent years.

Owning this lush and elegant furniture demands some care to maintain its characteristics. Mud, fur, dirt, and dust can damage your velvet sofa.

Two kinds of velvet

Before knowing the right way of cleaning your velvet sofa, you’ll want first to learn what kind of velvet you have. There are two main types of velvet: cotton and synthetic.

Both kinds of velvet are elegant and will give you the posh look you desire. But between the two, synthetic velvet is easier to maintain.

Ways to clean a velvet sofa

Velvet is known for being a high-maintenance and is only suitable for people who have the time to clean. However, velvet is difficult to clean just like any other fabrics.

Do you want to discover the proper way of cleaning a velvet sofa? Well, you are in the right place!

1. Vacuuming

Removing dust particles is possible with the use of vacuum. Vacuuming is good for regular maintenance. You can also use a soft brush to loosen and brush dust.

2. Steaming

Velvet has long strands of fabric. When exposed to weight for periods, it can compress. A white stain can be seen once it happened. A handheld steamer or the steam setting on your iron can do the job. Use the lowest heat setting. Once the steamer is hot, start steaming in one spot then move across the fabric. Make sure not to place the steamer in one area for a long period.

3. Spot Cleaning

Using velvet furniture involves several risks over the years. Having said this, you should prepare beforehand for dirt.

In handling spills and messes, read first the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions. The steps you should take in cleaning spills are indicated there.

For spills, soak excess liquid using a soft, lint-free cloth. Keep in mind to use a lint-free cloth as lint can get caught in velvet fibres.

Once you are finished, make a cleaning solution. Mix a cup of water and a drop or two of dishwashing liquid. Shake the mixture until you create bubbles. Dip your cloth in the suds then lightly dab it to the stain.

4. Turn to a professional

When you are in doubt, do not hesitate to seek professionals. Have your furniture professionally cleaned with water-free solvents. This ensures that the colour will not fade. Professionals will make sure they completely cleaned your velvet sofa.

Velvet furniture must be professionally polished every six to nine months. This can maintain the softness and colour of your sofa. If you want to ensure that your elegant velvet is taken care of properly, it is best to get help from professional upholstery cleaners.

As much as possible, do not expose your velvet furniture to direct sunlight. Before doing some cleaning, it is best to read first the wash care label. Buying an expensive cleaning solution is not entirely necessary as household products can be used in cleaning your velvet furniture.

Velvet Is Lush & Soft

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