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Curtains: Expectations vs Reality

Curtains have become every household's statement nowadays. With all the aesthetic appeal and convenience we can get from curtains, there are instances that we wonder if investing for these fabrics are worth our time, money and effort. The Yorkshire Fabric Shop shares some of these anticipations and the realities to some of it.

Curtains and drapes beautify our windows differently.

Curtains and drapes are the best options for whatever purposes we want to achieve in our homes like additional comfort and privacy, but they have different features. While curtains are sometimes made from lightweight and fabric panels like linen and cotton, drapes came from more massive panels. For those who want a brighter look from the outside, curtains are the best options to use. But for those who avoid sunlight, especially in the morning, drapes are more suitable to use.

Curtains Can Beautify Any Room

Curtains can bring out the best in your rooms.

While this fact may be true, it still depends on various factors to ensure that the area will look its best. A particular room area needs a specific curtain type and fabric. Furthermore the interior design is also another matter to consider, especially in choosing the curtain style. Other factors include the window treatment style, presence of children and pets and the purpose you want for the area.

Curtains are all about the aesthetic appearance.

Fortunately, curtains are not just about beautification anymore. With so many fabric materials, styles, and colours to choose from, we can get more from these fabric pieces. There are insulated curtain types that give warmth from the chilly weather outside. Block out curtains are specifically made to prevent light from coming from the outside. There are also curtain types that can block the noises from the outside.

What to Consider When Buying Curtains

With some of these expectations, the Yorkshire Fabric Shop shares some tips you have to remember in purchasing curtains:

1. Choose the fabric carefully

Fabric is an essential part of the curtain because this can determine how well the curtain can hold up over time. Also different fabrics can perform different functions, so you have to know your purpose before choosing fabric material.

2. Decide your preferred curtain length.

Before using the measuring tape, determine how high above the window will be your preferred curtain length. Most designers recommend hanging the curtains six inches above the window frame. But if you want to achieve a more dramatic and elegant look, more than six inches is recommended.

3. Proper maintenance is also a consideration.

Another thing to look for in curtain fabric is its washing instruction. Consider earlier if you best prefer machine wash or dry clean fabrics earlier. It can help you decide not only in your time and effort later on. This can guide you in your budget in purchasing too.

Yorkshire Fabric Shop Advise For Curtains To Meet Your Expectations

As a fabric expert, the Yorkshire Fabric Shop provides the best textile materials, especially for your curtain needs. Take time to visit their store anytime to see for yourselves its various fabrics to choose from. You can also search our store online and we will here to guide you.


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