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Curtain Ideas For Your Bedroom

Your bedroom is perhaps one of the best places in your home to design and redo. It might be easy to decorate the room once you already have a design in mind, but the curtains can be annoying as you might find it hard to style it, or you might have no idea what to do with the curtains at all. Well, curtains have been considered essential when it comes to rooms. A curtain just blends in well with the type of look and feel you want your bedroom to have. A bedroom without a curtain feels lacking and looks incomplete.

Velvet Fabric For Your Next Curtain?

If you’re still having trouble with coming up with curtain ideas for your bedroom, here is a list of ideas you may want to execute.


1. Choose a pattern that matches the bedroom view

For example, if you want your bedroom to match the astrology paintings in your room, then choose a curtain that has patterns of stars. If you don’t have paintings in your bedroom, then the colour scheme of your bedroom should match the curtain patterns.


2. Choose a colour that matches your current colour scheme

It is an eyesore choosing for colours that don’t match the current colour scheme of your bedroom. So, make sure to choose a curtain fabric that has a colour which can easily blend in with the current colour scheme in your bedroom.


3. Use linen curtains if you want a relaxed look

Linen curtains are quite sheer, so if you want to block light, hanging up a blackout blind behind it can make you feel more relaxed.


4. Use ties or leather to hold back the curtain

If you want to let the light come in your room, but your curtains are blocking it, use a tie or leather to hold the curtain back. This way, it will look modern and not cheap.


5. Let long curtains create a puddle

If you are using a longer curtain and it’s creating a puddle on the floor, make sure they are not too long that it can cause a trip hazard. Just make sure that you are using lightweight linen curtains if you do not want to have problems with your curtains creasing. 


6. Use pelmets

Adding pelmets to the top of your window is a good choice, especially if you are using a curtain that has a traditional floral design. Floral designs and the right pelmet complement each other, so make sure to choose wisely.


7. Layer curtains and blinds

Using blinds that complement your curtains gives you an aesthetically pleasing bedroom.


If you are still unsure about what curtain fabrics to buy because you can’t see a lot of options, browse the Yorkshire Fabric Shop’s website, and you’ll be surprised with thousands of curtain designs you can choose from. 

Make sure to use the filters so you can see results that are specifically meant for curtains. Shopping for fabrics and curtains has never been easy, and with online shopping offered by Yorkshire Fabric Shop, you can now shop and choose conveniently!


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