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Curtain calculator stack back and weight

What is a curtain stack back you might be asking?

It's the amount of space that the curtain occupies when in a fully open position. To explain it further: if you want to enjoy the view and display the window entirely, your drapery fabric should be properly set up, and the trick for this is just a simple measurement and formula which will help you calculate the curtain’s stack back and weight. 

For you to get the curtain’s stack back and weight result, you’ll need a tape measure and a calculator to get your required results. Below are the steps you can follow to calculate the curtain’s stack back and weight.

Stack Back Curtain In Living Room

Take note that the weight, fabric, and thickness of fabric may affect the curtain’s stack in front of a wall. Below are the steps on how to calculate a curtain’s stack back and make sure to have a calculator and measuring tape with you before doing the following steps:

1. Measure the window from left to right outside the window frame. Once you have its measurement, write it down on a note to record the number.

2. The type of curtain will determine the amount of stack back required. Divide the number you got from the first step by 6 to calculate the length of the rod extensions, and you will have to work with a calculator as much as possible.

3. Once done with the second step, add the window width plus the rod extensions for each side of the window in inches to be able to calculate the rod length. 

To calculate the curtain’s weight, you will get a sum of 33 ounces per square yard by adding the velour fabric weight to the liner weight. Divide it by 9, and you’ll get 3.67 ounces per square foot and assuming the height of the curtain is 20 feet, you’ll have to add 1 foot for the top hem and the bottom chain pocket so when you multiply it, it’ll be 21 x 3.67 ounces = 77.07 ounces. 

Knowing what your curtain stack back is will help you determine how long your curtain rod should be. Stack backs can also make your room look larger, taller, and wider, so if you want to give your room that illusion, the drapery rod should be long enough for the curtain’s stack back. 

Rods and rings are usually used for drapery treatment and for stacking back the curtain. The word “stack back” is often mentioned in the drapery world. It is an important topic when it comes to drapery because it provides better access to the people when it comes to viewing the scenery outside the window. If you find it hard to compute the calculations and so, there are available curtain stack back calculators online where you will only have to provide the measurements of the curtains, they are asking, and they will give an estimated result. Bear in mind that it is still better to make the calculations yourself read how much fabric you need for curtains on our blog.

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