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Curtain and blinds hanging guides

There is no doubt that curtains and blinds can bring the best into every space, whether in the house or office. Furthermore, the fabric types, colours, and designs aren't about beautifying those areas anymore.

Curtain Advice

Curtains and blinds bring warmth during the cold season, controls heat during the hot season, and reduces noise and light from the outside, to name a few.

Despite these benefits, hanging curtains and blinds is a challenging task to do. Fortunately, it is achievable with the right tools and steps. Leading interior fabric store The Yorkshire Fabric Shop offers the following guide for a successful curtain and blind hanging tasks.

Some Tips for Curtain Hanging and Styling

In choosing curtains, always opt for the classics.
One thing about classic designs is that it never goes out of style. In curtains, it's normal that choosing designs is another hard thing to decide for. To solve this, always go for designs that can stand out no matter the time and season is. For instance, drapes may look old-fashioned to others. But with the right perspective and creative ways, it can always stand out.

The Yorkshire Fabric Shop offers curtain material designs and patterns that are always trendy, stylish, and even sophisticated. Its collections guarantee to have the best styles that always compliment the trends in the curtain industry.

Hang curtains higher to achieve a high ceiling impression.
Luckily, areas with lower ceilings do not have to spend more money to enhance it. Hanging the curtains do not just make the ceilings look more presentable. The higher the curtains are hanged, the higher the ceilings will look.

Choose curtains that graze the floor.
The colours and patterns aren't the only things to consider when hanging curtains. The dimensions of the curtains determine the right proportion that will make compliment the overall appearance too. Make sure that the floor touches the floor, or an inch shorter. Avoid curtains that are too long or too short. Go for curtain fabrics that can complement the area's perspective.

Consider the fabric type in hanging curtains. With so many fabrics to choose from, particular types enhance the mood of an area. Sheer fabrics like linens invite more light from the outside, creating a relaxing and more casual impression. Meanwhile, heavy textiles like velvet block light, which are perfect for those who want better rest.

Tips in Hanging Blinds

Before anything else, think about the window mounts. To achieve the correct mount measurement, think first if it will be inside or outside. This can also determine the space needed for it. While inside mounts are traditional and always considered, it does not apply to any window treatments. Go for outside mounts if you don't have enough space inside the window frame. Also, it creates an impression that windows look larger.

Consider the easy way for bracket placements.
For an easier installation, place the brackets toward the front of the window opening. One trick is to work first on the screw holes before turning the screws. To do this, use a hammer or drills to create screw holes.

Never forget the valance.
Placing the valance is the last part of installing blinds, but it has to consider even on the hanging process. Before installing the blinds, add the valance clips in front. Make sure that it didn't touch any device that can affect the smooth flow of the blinds.

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